Joe Biden claims he can protect America from coronavirus. So why can’t he protect his own campaign?

If you watched the debate like me, you may have found yourself yelling at the TV every time that Biden seemed to blame the entire coronavirus pandemic on President Trump. It’s as if he was saying that if he were president the virus wouldn’t have even infected anyone in the United States.

Of course the virus is going to virus, and no politician can stop that from happening entirely. But if Biden and the media seem to think that they could have controlled the virus so well, why can’t they stop it from infiltrating their own campaign?

By now you may have heard that vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris has been forced to suspend travel after a positive test among her campaign aides. As the incomparable John Nolte puts it:

Here we are, less than 20 days from the election, and the same campaign that just spent weeks shaming President Trump for catching a contagious virus is now itself partly grounded because of a viral outbreak in its own campaign.

Most reasonable people would agree that catching a contagious virus is something that cannot be entirely prevented even with strict precautions. But Democrats haven’t been reasonable over the last few weeks.

Instead, we’ve heard a steady drumbeat of ‘rona-shaming from the media and from leading Democratic figures like Nancy Pelosi, who seem to think that catching the virus is a sign of some moral corruption or recklessness. Do you think they’re going to hold the Biden/Harris campaign to the same standard?

Nolte writes:

According to the logic of the Biden campaign and its surrogates, this breakout of coronavirus in the Biden campaign proves we cannot trust Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to handle the pandemic.

If Joe Biden and Kamala Harris cannot protect their own campaign, how are they going to protect America? Right?

That’s not all sarcasm. Joe Biden assures us he knows the secret to putting an end to this pandemic. Not all of it’s a secret. He’s a mask fascist who wants to institute a mandatory, nationwide mask mandate. He’s also in favor of more punishing lockdowns. And all of this hysteria is over a virus that, according to the CDC, has a survival rate of 996 out of 1,000 — when the annual flu has a survival rate of 999 out of 1,000.

We wish anyone infected with this virus a swift recovery. But it’s time that Democrats in the media take a good look at their behavior over the last few weeks. They should be ashamed.