Joe Biden claimed he was arrested for trespassing at the capitol – isn’t that insurrection

I’m old enough to remember when Joe Biden bragged about being arrested for trespassing in the nation’s capitol building. Nowadays, that would get you charged with conspiracy to overthrow the government, at least if you’re a Republican.

What makes it worse is that Biden didn’t just trespass – he actually bragged about sitting in the presiding officer’s chair. How many times in the last few weeks have we heard that sitting in Nancy Pelosi’s chair is the ultimate treasonous act?

Fox reports:

In a 2007 appearance on David Letterman, then-Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., claimed he was arrested at the U.S. Capitol when he was 21 years old.

Biden said: “In those days, no guards stopping you everywhere. And they just got out of session. I walked in the back, all of the sudden I found myself in the chamber. I was stunned. I walked up, sat down in the presiding officer’s seat, guy grabbed by the shoulder, said: ‘you’re under arrest,’” Biden said.

“Literally nine years later, as I walked onto the Senate floor through the same door, that same guy, cop, said to me, ‘Senator, you remember me?’ I said, ‘geez, I don’t.’ He said, ‘I arrested you nine years ago…welcome back.’”

Putting aside whether Biden is telling the truth, (his story seems suspiciously pat), he’s apparently confessed to the ultimate act of treason. Every Democrat that’s been hyperventilating about the capitol protests should immediately disavow Biden. But seriously, what is wrong with this guy?

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    1. Biden is a pathological liar let’s face it can’t believe anything he says. Needs to be impeached along with Harris and Pelosi.

      1. They all are way over the top in their actions and in their words. Makes you wonder just how crazy they really are and how stupid they think we are. Legal or not. They feel entitled to do And say whatever they please.

  1. Should have thrown him in JAIL THEN, maybe we wouldn’t be where we are today ! He was almost arrested in Congress, was arrested in South Africa, THESE ARE THE PEOPLE RUNNING THE COUNTRY!!! CRIMINAL POLITICIANS of the WORST ORDER! Trump was never arrested, and was a GREAT PRESIDENT, just shows that you CANNOT REHABILITATE a repeat CRIMINAL LIKE JOE!

      1. I wonder if there is a statute of limitations on what Traitir Joe just confessed to? If not he should be prosecuted and removed from office. That goes for Traitir Harris too as there is no statute of limitations on her civil rights violations in California.

  2. It is amazing what the media is covering and not covering! It definitely appears to show bias but after 4+ years people just move on..notice I did not say they accepted it.. just moved on! Biden continues mumble and ramble and we are not sure if he lies or just doesn’t know what he is talking about! He speaks about issues we know to be false.. and this guy is president and is undoingTrump accomplishments we were all so proud and happy to see! We realize someone else is calling shots but we aren’t sure who it is! We are going to blame Pelosi and Schumer and any minions attached but these are very important issues that they should have protected for Americans!

  3. Joe Biden, his entire family, Kamal Harris, Pelosi, Schumer Schiff, & the entire Dems should all be facing life in prison for Treason! The High Tech Execs, The FBI Upper Management, Soros, & many others in the Deep State should all be facing Treason and put in prison for the rest of their lives!

    1. The only way that is gonna happen is if we the people unit. March on Washington. The left says the people voted him in. We know that’s a lie. But going by what they say, we put him in, we can take him out.

    2. Yes they should this has been coming on for years and years Nixon started a lot of it and it just went from bad to worse I hate to see what it is going to be like in another 10 or 20 years if something is not done about it now thanks for your post

  4. Joe Biden is a disgrace and a threat to the American people. He is not only ignorant but also totally anti-American should be put in a facility where he can be treated for his dementia .

  5. Take him down & Impeachment??? How you going to do that with a Senate and House full of dim wit Communist running the show…

  6. Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, the squad,
    & other guilty government people have been arrested by the military intelligence. They’re either awaiting tribunal court or are dead. There are “doubles” standing in for them to keep the farce going. Don’t take my word for it; do your own research. Go to the site: :duckduckgo” & search under arrest & execution updated list. It’s there.

  7. Biden has been executed so not to worry about him. The Bidens you see are actors with rubber face masks-start loking at the various pictures you will start to see how different some are.

  8. We have to stop talking and complaining and start banding together to make the changes that are needed to get rid of the monsters who are now running our great country. Have to get Trump back to make our country great again before it is too late. I am willing to fight for our rights and our freedom.

  9. There certainly are much more relative and important things to report about. Are you that bored?
    As to Biden’s arrest story …. who gives a flying F__K.
    Now, if He was to be arrested today, it would take this whole web site to list the charges and it should be declared a national holiday.

  10. Biden has lied so much in his lifetime, that he actually believes them.
    He’s like that blowhard in high school that brags, he done this and that, and when the truth comes out that he’s done none of what he claims, he’ll still attempt to blow smoke. That’s who Joe Biden reminds me of.
    He’s just a pathetic old liar, who’s trying to impress who knows?
    Maybe it’s just because he wants to inflate his own self-importance, despite knowing he was someone’s stooge his entire career

  11. How about we ALL make CITIZEN ARRESTS = that whole Congress and Senate and START ALL OVER again since we have just CROOKS there in Washington, and put President Trump in his RIGHTFUL place = the WH…..!!!!

  12. So he’s been a criminal his whole adult life , now in at least 3 countries that we know of so far , wanted for the equivalent of a felony in the Ukraine , and this known communist / muslim terrorist loving / criminal they let be POTUS over all of us ? ! They didn’t vet communist , muslim terrorist , radical criminal obama either ! – and look what 330 million of us Americans got for them both !

    1. Well, Steve, it looks like some people hate America so much and want to make it into a communist country !
      This is what the millennials have been brainwashed with in our schools and their parents
      didn’t care to teach them the right from wrong.
      Also, lots of illegals who also have the right to vote( according to our corrupt and America haters commies from DC ) , then we have the media, 100% infiltrated by the commies, we have Hollywood, about 90% also commies, and on top of that, Google, Facebook, Tweeter, which have a huge job in censoring all our comments that are not aligned with the PC culture!!!

      Other than that, everything is OK, all we need to do is keep our mouth shut, never complain!
      Otherwise we might end up in some re-education camp, somewhere ….
      welcome to communist / dictatorship America!!!!

  13. If it were true that Biden was arrested he has a criminal record and the only way he could become leader of this country would be to be a thieving democrat and steal it.

    1. He is nothing but a pathologist liar, a psycho sniffer of women’s hair, a crook and a thug !!!!

      Every time he opens his big mouth is to tell another lie … but he’s been surrounded by a whole bunch of other crooks, liars , corrupt commies … the WH has become a disgusting huge stinky swamp full of communists!!!!

  14. As dementia sets more than we know his communication will be a bubbling boiling water in the pot.
    Eventually his communication to the Americans, will seal his fate, after that the real serious problem
    Will back harris.takes his place. All ***t will start an international conflics, our enemies will have their
    hay day and embolden say or do. Consequently they know our nation is being thorn within for
    a total destruction.

  15. Biden is determined to make it so expensive to own a gun that many, many people will not be able to afford it, and will become criminals overnight. Now, as you know, criminals will not admit they have guns, and will never pay this outrageous ‘tax’. Only law abiding citizens will be forced to pay it.
    PLEASE join the NRA, and give as much donation as you can. These other smaller 2nd amendment groups are going to splinter us, and no one group will be able to afford to do anything to help us.
    Don’t let Biden do this to us…I am a 59-year-old woman, who lives alone; without my guns, I can’t protect myself, and will become a sitting duck for any thug that wants what I have. I can’t afford to pay his 2nd amendment tax. $200 per gun, $200 per magazine, and no telling what else he will sneak into any bill that is sent.

  16. If there ever was a poor excuse for a President, Joe Biden is it! I actually feel sorry for him. He was hand picked for a job that the leftist a-holes new he couldn’t handle.He has had enough years as a politician. People feel sorry for him due to the trauma he has endured and with their feelings and computers that don’t know the difference between Trump and Biden he got elected. Joe Biden is only an expensive ink pen who will sign anything. My condolences go out to the sorry people who wanted him to be their President. Our only hope is that God will intervene and get us back on the right path.

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