Joe Biden channels Kamala Harris, awkwardly laughs off question about his responsibility for 800,000 coronavirus deaths

President Joe Biden was caught on video laughing after a reporter asked him if he felt responsible for the U.S. passing 800,000 deaths. The President seemed to channel his Vice President in an attempt to dodge the question. 

The question was clearly asked with the intent of getting Biden to explain what he would do to “shut down” the virus as he promised he would.

President Biden said that former President Trump should have resigned over allowing so many Americans to die from Covid-19. Now hundreds of thousands of Americans have died on Biden’s watch, and his tone has clearly changed.

The President no longer believes that he should resign from the deaths that occurred on his watch. That does a lot to explain why Biden resorted to awkwardly laughing instead of answering a legitimate question.

However, that wasn’t the only question Biden was asked. The same reporter went on to ask Biden, “Why haven’t you asked China to do more, to be transparent on the [coronavirus] origins?”

Americans do need answers and President Biden has a responsibility to pressure China to reveal the truth.

A mountain of evidence suggests that China deliberately allowed coronavirus to spread to the rest of the world. There is a real chance that China is responsible for the nearly million deaths caused by the coronavirus.

President Biden has a responsibility to demand the truth from China, and if he isn’t brave enough to do that, he should resign immediately and let a real leader do the job.