Joe Biden admits during press conference that he isn’t supposed to be holding press conferences

President Joe Biden shocked Americans by admitting during a press conference on Tuesday that he wasn’t “supposed to be having this press conference right now.”

The President’s bizarre statement has only added fuel to speculation that President Biden is not in control of the White House.

President Biden’s cognitive health seems to have declined to the point where he is entirely dependent on his handlers to manage affairs.

The press conference covered several areas from the Omicron coronavirus variant to Senator Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) shocking decision to vote against the “Build Back Better” bill.

After a lengthy diatribe against Senator Manchin’s decision to torpedo his agenda, President Biden went on to say, “I’m not supposed to be having this press conference right now.”

A possible reason why the President may have said that is because he may have been overwhelmed and was simply breaking down.

With how badly things have gone for Biden, even friendly media can’t save President Biden from the cold reality that his time in office has been a disaster.

More likely than not, the Presidents ability to lead the nation is diminishing rapidly and it shouldn’t surprise Americans to hear more strange confessions from 79-year-old Joe Biden.