Jimmy Kimmel says unvaccinated don’t deserve ICU beds

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel launched a pointed attack on the unvaccinated proposing that they should be denied medical treatment, according to The Washington Examiner

Kimmel’s comments were made Tuesday shortly after his return to his show after a summer off following a scandal where he was accused of racism in his earlier years.

 The comedian spoke to a slim and masked audience, which he said was due to increased cases of COVID-19, which he then, in turn, blamed on the unvaccinated: 

“It was not a fun Labor Day weekend COVID-wise,” he said, referring to the rise in cases from the same time in 2020.

Kimmel then launched into a diatribe against those who haven’t yet gotten a COVID-19 vaccine, saying that they should be denied care at hospitals if they require care for COVID-19.

“Dr. Fauci said that if hospitals get any more overcrowded, they’re going to have to make some very tough choices about who gets an ICU bed,” Kimmel said.

“That choice doesn’t seem so tough to me. ‘Vaccinated person having a heart attack? Yes, come right on in — we’ll take care of you. Unvaccinated guy who gobbled horse goo? Rest in peace, wheezy.'”

His “horse goo” reference was due to nationwide shortages of ivermectin in pill form, a medication that has won awards on the international stage. That, plus the decline in doctors willing to prescribe it, despite indications it helps fend off COVID-19 has caused some to self-medicate with a gel or liquid form typically used for livestock. 

“We’ve still got a lot of pan-dimwits out there,” Kimmel said. “People are still taking this ivermectin. The poison control center has seen this spike in calls from people taking this livestock medicine to fight the coronavirus, but they won’t take the vaccine, which is crazy. It’s like if you’re a vegan and you’re just like, ‘No, I don’t want a hamburger, give me that can of Alpo instead.'”