Jill Biden to take up full-time teaching job at community college

First Lady Jill Biden, who can often be found corraling President Joe Biden, her husband, at his various public appearances, will reportedly be stepping out of the limelight to some degree.

According to PJ Media, the first lady will soon return to her in-person teaching job at Northern Virginia Community College, where she’s been employed since 2009. Notably, she’ll be the first first lady to take up a full-time job.

For the last year, like most other teachers and professors, Jill Biden has taught English and writing at the college virtually, USA Today noted.

“There are some things you just can’t replace, and I can’t wait to get back in the classroom,” Jill Biden said during an interview last month with Good Housekeeping magazine.

Her exit from the daily activities in the White House will be a relief for many who believe she was a bit too involved in her husband’s day-to-day, presidential duties.

It was only in June that a picture of the first lady sitting at a desk on Air Force One was tweeted with a caption that read, “Prepping for the G7,” leaving many to wonder which Biden was running the show, as first ladies typically do not “prep” for G7 meetings.

Prior to the 2021 Olympics, it was announced that Jill Biden was scheduled to travel to Tokyo as the American representative, as well as hold diplomatic meetings with various leaders while in-country — a job typically reserved for the actual president.

PJ Media’s Matt Margolis summed up the situation best by writing, “While it’s arguable that she might be less embarrassing than her husband, it doesn’t change the fact that she was not elected or appointed to any official position granting her any authority to conduct business on behalf of the federal government. So, yes, Jill Biden’s return to teaching is a good thing, but not for the reasons the media is gushing about.

Without his wife directing him around the room and telling him what to say, it’ll be interesting to see how President Biden manages on his own during his next public appearance.