Jill Biden takes over for Joe during joint interview – she’s acting as a presidential handler

Well before taking the Oval Office last month, Joe Biden faced serious questions about his fitness for office, and whether he was cognitively capable of carrying out the duties of the presidency.

In the aftermath of an exclusive Univision interview with President Biden in which first lady Jill Biden boldly interrupted her husband to clarify his stance on immigration policy, many are wondering exactly who is calling the shots in the new administration.

During the segment, Univision anchor Ilia Calderรณn asked the president to explain why a detention facility for unaccompanied minors that had been in operation during the Trump administration was being reopened, despite Biden’s own critcism of the practice throughout the 2020 campaign.

The president articulated his hope that the facility would not need to remain open for an extended period of time, but offered little else in the way of explanation for the apparent contradiction between his words and actions.

In a bizarre twist, Jill Biden then swiftly interjected to suggest that the difference between the current detention plans and those in place during the prior administration is that the facility at issue is not being run “in a humane way.” Watch:

Though this is not the first instance in which Jill Biden has assumed a protective stance with regard to her husband — she once forcefully thwarted protesters attempting to swarm her husband at a Super Tuesday rally — but her active participation in an interview focused on official policy is unusual, to say the least.

It is not only the first lady’s heavy-handed involvement and apparent guiding role in her husband’s public appearances that are prompting questions about Joe Biden’s ability to handle the position to which he has risen. The unusually high-level diplomatic tasks recently delegated to Vice President Kamala Harris have also raised eyebrows.

In recent weks, Harris has taken solo calls with world leaders including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, according to The Hill, and also with President Emannuel Macron of France, as Fox News noted, leading to speculation as to why those discussions did not involve the commander in chief.

With conservative commentators such as Dan Bongino opining last week that Biden’s marked cognitive decline “is the worst-kept secret in the White House,” his open reliance on his wife as well as his vice president to keep policy statements on track will only add fuel to the fire of doubt.