Jill Biden opens up about her divorce

First Lady Jill Biden just opened up about her divorce from her first husband Bill Stevenson in 1974.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Stevenson caused a stir during the 2020 campaign when he accused Biden of having an affair with Joe after they met in 1972, when Stevenson and his then-wife volunteered on the president’s first U.S. Senate bid in Delaware. At the time, Joe Biden was married to his first wife, Neilia.

Neilia Biden and their 1-year-old daughter, Naomi, tragically died that Christmas in a car crash.

Stevenson said he believed the two were having an affair in August 1974 and claims he later confirmed his suspicions that October, when he was told the then-senator had been seen driving his wife’s brown Corvette.

In her book Where the Light Enters, though, Jill Biden skips over that period and describes Joe calling her “out of the blue” in 1975 after his brother, Frank, gave him her number. Frank Biden had known Jill during college.

Speaking to singer-songwriter Kelly Clarkson with an hourlong special filmed at the White House, Biden talked about the “shame and guilt” associated with divorce.

“You know, my mother always said to me, ‘Things are going to look better tomorrow, and if you can take one day at a time, and things will get better,'” Biden said.

The Examiner points out: “But Jill Biden also brushed over details regarding how she first met Joe, whom she married in 1977 after he proposed five times. With their wedding, she became the stepmother to his two surviving sons, Beau and Hunter. The couple went on to have a daughter, Ashley, born in 1981. ‘I had met him once before, but it was kind of a blind date when he called me,’ Biden said Thursday.”

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