Jill Biden attacked Kamala: ‘Go f— yourself’

Reports surface about first lady Jill Biden’s profanity-laced attack on Vice President Kamala Harris when the now-vice president was running against her husband in the primaries, according to Breitbart News

Jill Biden was reportedly furious with Harris after the candidate attacked Joe Biden for his history on race and public housing:

“There was a little girl in California who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools and she was bused to school every day. That little girl was me,” Harris said during the campaign when she announced that Biden’s views were offensive to herself and other people of color.

Jill Biden didn’t take too kindly to the attack and spoke about it to some of her close supporters on the phone, saying that her husband was not racist:

“With what he cares about, what he fights for, what he’s committed to, you get up there and call him a racist without basis?” Jill Biden said according to multiple people on the call. “Go f— yourself.”

Harris was able to get some traction over the race issue and saw a quick uptick in support after that campaign push, but was eventually defeated by Biden in the primaries.

The highest-ranking woman in the country didn’t get out of the race before spending an estimated $25 million on her bid for the White House, however.

The pair appear to have patched things up, however, with Biden eventually tapping the former California senator to be his running mate. The now-vice  president said once Biden won the primary that she was “1000 percent in support of Joe Biden.”

“It was a debate,” Harris laughed during an interview a few months after when asked about the issue. “It was a debate. It was a debate. Literally it was a debate. It was called a debate. Everyone traveled to the debate. There were journalists at the debate.”

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12 Responses

  1. What are you talking about, Biden tapped her as his running mate? He was told by his handlers who the VP pick was to be.
    I’m sure “Dirty Joe” didn’t remember a quarter second of anything that happened in the so-called debates, let alone anything that was said..
    Just like he doesn’t remember what they tell him to say by the time he gets to the microphone .
    This clown makes Jimmy “The Boob” Carter look positively brilliant.

  2. What a wonderful example of womanhood Jill is. A real example for our children. She is as vulgar and hateful and racist as Joe is. A good pair, but not a good pair for our country.

  3. Of course Biden is a racist and so are most other Democrats. All you need to do is study the history of the ERA in America.

  4. To all of so called workers from home, making 12000.00 dollars a month or a week, the words are identical as written by the same person. I don’t believe this, and it smells like a scammer.

  5. Yeah it was a debate and she actually told the truth, biden is a racist but then when he asked her to run with him, she sucked right up, things were not so offensive then.

  6. Since they have the knives out, maybe they could edit all the garbage ads in this comment section. That is if the dynamic duo playing charades in the white house can figure out the serrated side of that utensil.

    1. Maybe they could get so busy fighting each other that they will leave the conservative republicans alone. Wouldn’t that be nice?

  7. Who really cares what you make online from home ?? I would rather know what Biden’s son walked away from the Ukraine ?????
    That was real money !!

    1. They should not allow ads on this comment sight. It is for comments on what is happening in and about our White House these days and the fact that there is nothing happening for the good of our country. Biden is putting our country in a dangerous place with his inability to be able to see the big picture.

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