Jesse Jackson hospitalized after fall at Howard University Monday

Liberal icon and political mainstay Rev. Jesse Jackson has been hospitalized after he fell and hit his head during a meet and greet at Howard University on Monday. 

According to Fox News, the 80-year-old religious and political figure was greeting protesters at the D.C. area university when he struck his head and was taken to the hospital. 

“While meeting with various administrators, including Dr. Wayne Frederick, Rev. Jackson sustained an injury upon entering the Blackburn Center,” the university wrote on Twitter

The civil rights leader and two-time presidential candidate was reportedly attending a protest over the mold and rodents in their residential halls at the historically Black university.

Jackson was transported to the Howard University Hospital where a CT scan was administered as well as several tests, all of which came back normal, however they recommended that he stay overnight for observation.

“Family, he’s resting comfortably & doing well,” his daughter Santita Jackson, wrote on Twitter, updating his followers about the high profile figure’s status.

Jackson has been hospitalized two times this year for his ongoing battle with Parkinson’s disease and in August when he and his wife were both tested positive for COVID-19 and both the reverend and his wife were in the hospital. 

Jesse Jackson, who is vaccinated, was forced to undergo intensive physical therapy after his bout with coronavirus serverly impacted his mobility and verbal skills following his hospitalization. 

Additionally, the octogenarian was in the hospital to have 

his gallbladder removed earlier in the year and only began public engagements on his 80’th birthday last month.