Jenna Ellis, legal adviser for Trump 2020 campaign, leaves Republican party

Jenna Ellis made a name for herself in the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election as one of former President Donald Trump’s senior legal advisers. Her social media following skyrocketed as she was involved in several high-profile cases surrounding the campaign’s allegations of widespread voter fraud.

That’s why her announcement this week that she has formally left the Republican Party sent shockwaves across social media. According to the Washington Examiner, Ellis announced that her departure from the party was in protest over a Republican National Committee (RNC) lawyer who, in an email, reportedly criticized her legal efforts in the wake of the 2020 election.

“I am leaving the Republican Party until the Republican Party comes back home to conservatives,” Ellis said during an interview on the right-leaning Newsmax TV network. She made her departure announcement just prior to that during an interview on Real America’s Voice.

The email Ellis referenced was sent by chief RNC counselor Justin Riemer, who reportedly labeled the legal efforts to prove widespread voter fraud by Ellis and other high-profile lawyers like Rudy Giuliani a “joke.” In the email, Riemer also reportedly discouraged other staffers from posting any related claims of ballot and voter fraud, writing that such claims were misleading millions of Americans.

Ellis was also upset over a separate issue that involved Giuliani reportedly encouraging Riemer to resign from his post as the chief counsel of the RNC after he doubted Trump’s claims of election fraud. An RNC spokesperson would later say that the claim was “simply false.”

Taking issue with the RNC’s claim, Elise slammed RNC Chairperson Ronna McDaniel, writing, “Ronna Romney McDaniel is still lying through her teeth.”

“She knew about this email from November, she promised to fire Riemer, and she lied then, and she’s still lying. What happened to the $200 million raised for election integrity? She has some explaining to do and should stop lying. Even better, she should resign,” Ellis wrote.

Riemer and a spokesperson for the RNC vigorously denied Ellis’ claims that they were of virtually no help in the fight to prove something had gone wrong in the 2020 election, with Riemer firing back in a statement.

“Any suggestion that I did not support President Trump or do everything in my power to support the RNC’s efforts to reelect President Trump is false,” Riemer wrote.

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James Patyrak (@guest_381990)
13 days ago

Reimer’s another RINO. He should be fired.
I no longer donate the GOP because I don’t want to fund RINOs.
I only donate to Trump endorsed candidates,

Cynthia Ann Drockton (@guest_381823)
14 days ago

Republican Party using President Trump to get donations makes me furious. I don’t blame her. He is still my President but very few stood up for him. Cowards. I am looking forward to new blood.

Ilene Richman (@guest_381863)
Reply to  Cynthia Ann Drockton
14 days ago

What happened to all the money Ronna McDaniel received to boost the Republican Party and Trump during the pre election of 2020. Is the money in her pocket. Remember she is the niece of the Anti Republican Mitt Romney who will loose the next election and go home to bed. Romney is anti Trump even though Trump helped him get into the office of Senator. And it is about time the Republican Party acted like the Democratic Party and stuck together instead of being wimps. They are not a party but a club. They never oppose the Communist Democratic Party who only want power. The Republican Party is only there to collect their checks and donations and never come out strong against Nancy Pelosi, crook with her husband cheating on tips on stocks that will go on the market, communists as guy from Vermont and the whole Democratic Party that wants us to be like Cuba. But the Republicans are a “do nothing Party”. Never come out strong against the Communist Democratic Party that wants to rule US as Putin rules Russia and XI rules China. Wake up folks. The Democratic Party is a Communist Party with the Squad, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, and the rest of the Democrats that want to tell the American people what to eat, how to live, take jobs to bring people into poverty, keep on printing money we do not have for the illegals, hiding the illegals with murderers and rapists all over the country. We now need another revolution to get rid of the Communists including General Milley who is making our military weak by the CRT. Fire Milley NOW. He is not fit to serve our military in this country; military must not be political and Miley is making the military political FIRE HIM NOW. AND FIRE THE SECRETARY OF STATE BLINKEN THAT WILL NOT ALLOW THE CUBAN REFUGEES WHO ESCAPE CUBA TO ENTER THIS COUNTRY. US IS A DISGRACE TO THE WORLD WITH THIS ADMINISTRATION.

James Patyrak (@guest_381992)
Reply to  Ilene Richman
13 days ago

Very well stated.

Karry Wray (@guest_381803)
14 days ago

President Trump number one president period.

Daniel Stevens (@guest_381801)
14 days ago

I totally support Jenna Ellis decision. This is exactly the kind of spunky attitude we need supporting the best POTUS ever.

Bobby (@guest_381798)
14 days ago

Nordstrom 2 , Hunter Biden is involved with Joe Biden with agreeing with continuing with this gas line.

Dennis Sumner (@guest_381797)
14 days ago

The RNC hasn’t been a conservative organization for a long time! Spend enough time in the swamp and you inevitably pick up slime!

Daniel Stevens (@guest_381802)
Reply to  Dennis Sumner
14 days ago

That’s exactly why The Donald needs to run our country. He almost single handedly re-defined the Republican Party. He is not a creature of the swamp. He is a true leader who is not afraid to rock the boat if it helps our great country.

EvaAdams (@guest_381777)
14 days ago

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Last edited 14 days ago by EvaAdams
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