Jeanine Pirro says goodbye to Sat. night Fox News show before moving to ‘The Five’

Marking the true end of an era on Fox News, network host Jeanine Pirro delivered her final “Opening Statement” segment on the last installment of her popular, long-running Saturday night program, which is ending to allow the former judge to join weekday panel show The Five as a permanent co-host.

It was announced last week by the cable news network that there would be a significant shake-up in its weekend evening program line-up, a move necessitated by a series of adjustments elsewhere in the schedule, including a new 7 p.m. weeknight offering that will be hosted by Jesse Watters and two new Saturday night shows helmed by Lawrence Jones and Brian Kilmeade, according to The Hill.

In saying goodbye to the show she has hosted for over a decade, Pirro waxed nostalgic about the experience of working on a production “hosted by a former prosecutor, judge, and D.A. sitting not in a courtroom with armed deputies, but instead in a studio armed with teleprompters, monitors and a dedicated staff and crew.”

The sometimes-bombastic television personality told viewers that she has tried to remain unwavering in her commitment to “finding truth and justice,” and joked that when she began the broadcast endeavor she now leaves, “we were all a bit younger, but not as wise as we are now,” lamenting, “we were certainly more optimistic.”

Assuring fans that she was not going far, she said not to “think you’re getting rid of me just yet,” reminding her audience that her next stop is “the number one show on all of cable news…The Five, right here on Fox,” and that she will be on-air five days per week.

Pirro pledged not to abandon her characteristically tough approach to political and social analysis, which has won the hearts of legions of fans all across America. WATCH:

As she moves on from her Saturday night platform, Pirro will by no means suffer from a lack of viewership, as The Five has scaled the ratings heights in recent months to become the first non-primetime cable news program to draw the most total viewers in a single quarter. Pirro will also reportedly continue on as host of her Fox Nation program Castles USA.

Despite being a favorite target of liberal boycotts and firing demands in recent years, Pirro has shown time and time again that she has true staying power and an uncompromising manner that will undoubtedly lend an exciting new dimension to the Monday through Friday roundtable discussion millions of Americans have come to love.