James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas, is permanently banned from Twitter

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe was permanently suspended by Twitter on Thursday according to Mediate News

Project Veritas has made a name for themselves going undercover to record videos of primarily progressive causes, posting the videos as proof of the left’s actual intentions. 

The organization prides itself on showing irrefutable proof of whatever they claim to have discovered. 

Most recently the group released video of a CNN technical director admitting that his network was giving extra negative air time to a politician who was problematic for Democrats. 

When Twitter was reached for comment their spokesperson said simply that O’Keefe “was permanently suspended for violating the Twitter Rules on platform manipulation and spam. ”

The tech giant’s comment went on to say that as they outline in their policy on platform manipulation and spam, “You can’t mislead others on Twitter by operating fake accounts,” and “you can’t artificially amplify or disrupt conversations through the use of multiple accounts.”

O’Keefe plans to retaliate, however, telling Mediaite he intends to sue the platform.

“I am suing Twitter for defamation because they said I, James O’Keefe, ‘operated fake accounts.’ This is false, this is defamatory, and they will pay. Section 230 may have protected them before, but it will not protect them from me. The complaint will be filed Monday.”

O’Keefe is just the most recent in a long line of conservatives being systematically shut down on social media. The undercover journalist added, however, that he can still be found on Telegram for those looking to follow his work.