James Carville slams Dem Party, says they’re too worried about ‘veganism and pronouns’

The “woke” side of the Democratic Party, which seems to increase by the day, has had its fair share of warnings from media pundits and those within their own party that such antics are not helping their cause with regard t the upcoming 2022 election.

But leave it to James Carville, a former adviser to Bill Clinton, to throw down the hammer in an attempt to save his own party. According to the Daily Mail, Carville, in a recent CNN interview, made clear that there’s good reason why the conservative majority Supreme Court is comfortable with overturning Roe v. Wade

“Today they [Republicans] have no fear of Democrats, that’s why they do this. You gotta’ understand what a huge event this is in American politics … Roe v Wade is is over two-to-one in approval,” Carville told CNN’s Erin Burnett.

That’s when he dropped a truth bomb that other prominent Democrats, like comedian Bill Maher, have been preaching all along, saying that Dems are too worried about silly, unimportant issues right now.

“And Alito and them said we don’t care. We’re not fair, and we don’t care and all the Democrats are going to do is sit around talking about veganism and pronouns,” Carville said, unapologetically.

The cranky old Democrat and former presidential adviser went on to point to a number of conservative wins, mostly on state levels, that Democrats, he claims, were too distracted to confront or motivate their constituents to stop.

“They [Democrats] need to get out of Washington, and start motivating people,” he asserted. “If this doesn’t motivate people, if this doesn’t get you going, then I can’t do anything to help you. And I’ll tell you who is not helping. It’s the progressive advocacy groups. No one cares what they say, no one fears them.”

While progressive Dems continue to rant about climate change, veganism, electric vehicles and other matters that are low on the priority list, Republicans have sat back and let them continue to dig a political hole of death.

Dems would be wise to listen to Carville’s advice, as he knows a thing or two because he’s seen a thing or two.