It’s over if the Dems pack the Supreme Court

In their latest push to fundamentally transform the country – despite having only the slimmest of majorities in Congress – Democrats have been floating various options for packing the highest court in the land with an expanded slate of liberal justices.

As Breitbart reports, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) argues that if the U.S. Supreme Court is expanded in line with Democrat aims, it will effectively become a “super legislature” akin to Britain’s House of Lords, subject to manipulation by a “transient” congressional majority.

Cotton’s comments came during an appearance Thursday on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily in which he was asked to address recent initiatives from the left to expand the composition of the high court from nine justices to 13, filling those new seats, unsurprisingly, with liberal jurists.

Earlier this week, a group of congressional Democrats led by Reps. Jerry Nadler (NY), Mondaire Jones (NY) and Hank Johnson (GA) brought forth legislation that would add those four seats to the high court, as NBC News reported.

That move came on the heels of an announcement from the White House that President Joe Biden was establishing a commission on court reform to explore a range of issues including “…the length of service and turnover of justices on the Court; the membership and size of the Court; and the Court’s case selection, rules, and practices.”

Regardless of which method Democrats might choose in order to achieve this particularly odious feat, Cotton made his position on the broader issue crystal clear, stating that court packing “turns the Supreme Court into nothing more than just a super legislature,” adding:

It becomes like a smaller version of the House of Lords in the United Kingdom that can be manipulated by whatever transient majority holds the Congress today for political gain, forever undermining the rule of law and the reverence and veneration that the American people have for the rule of law and the Constitution.

The senator went on to blast the Democrats’ push to pack the court as a blatant attempt to construct a “rubber stamp” branch of government that will thwart future constitutional challenges to the left’s most radical policy objectives. In addition, he argued that Biden’s newly-formed commission has no legitimate purpose, saying:

There’s nothing to study; the Supreme Court works just fine.

The Democrats are not worried about the effective functioning of the Supreme Court. The Democrats are worried about a Supreme Court that upholds the Constitution and the rule of law.

For now, at least, the Democrats’ court-packing bill appears to be going nowhere, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) declaring on Thursday that she has “no plans” to bring such a measure to a vote, according to The Hill. She did, however, emphasize that she wants to allow time for Biden’s commission to make its recommendations, stating that an addition of seats to the court is “not out of the question.”

Sen. Cotton’s warning that court packing could effectively end the independent judiciary as we know it is well-taken, and it is essential that conservatives and moderate Democrats alike unite in opposition to any attempt at such a naked power grab.

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105 Responses

  1. Democratics are liers ,unamerican, EVIL IMMORTAL NEFARIOUS, they hate GOD they hate each other but There really good at cheating they CAN’T win anything , especially getting legal VOTES SOOOOOO much VOTER FRAUD in the 2020 ELECTIONS THEY HAD to CHEAT YOU can see it in there EYES hear it in there VOICES EFFIN no good LIER’S and CHEATER’S.

  2. When will someone in Washington get some balls and charge all the people who violate their oath of office their took when they became representative or senate members “to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States “


  4. Supreme Court, they suck! I do not, would not trust them with anything! To totally disregard voter fraud complaints to not even look at them, and we see alot of articles of ballots being counted, found, audits, WTF??

  5. Yes, there is no ethics inCOMMUNISM—-Democrats(wrong name) in 2021–They will soon be extinguished along with their hit men(BLM) and ANTIFA!!!!

  6. The only way they would be able to do that, even if they could add 4 more, is the same way all judges are sent, through a process. The Senate has the final say. We, as Americans need to keep the pressure up to get more pro-Americans in the Senate and Congress.

  7. The Democratic Party is fast becoming a tyranny controlled by the likes of brainless communists like the gang of 4 women who think they have the last word! When the Republicans regain control, they better put on their big boy pants and get rid of the trash in Congress and go after that idiot in the White House with an impeachment that sticks!!!

  8. What are the conditions for such a change?
    It seems to me that it would have constitutional implications and, thus, require a 2/3 majority!
    At least, I hope so, because that is still preventable (in spite of Romney and Cheney)

  9. We have to get rid of all of them, I do not know how, but it has to be done! I live in a state where the Governor is a DemoRAT and she stated not long ago that the republican votes do not count! I do not know why the Republicans sit back and let this happen. In Congress they could do something, unless they are like Susan Collins who is a friend of Joe Bidden and she votes with them and does not stand her ground for the people who put her in office! She has helped the southern part of the state, but nothing for the north.

  10. Looks like the courts in NY, NYC and various states will determine which former president is a criminal!

    1. The courts in NY have no authority outside if NY, unless granted that authority by the other states. If any one looks at the status if NY no one could possibly take NY legal system serious.

  11. All these people that think America is evil and want to destroy us need to get out of our country and move to a country that espouses the things that they want. Why do they want to stay here if we are so evil and racist? America is not racist, but those that claim we are are the ones that are fomenting racism. They are constantly stirring the pot of racism and we don’t need them.

  12. I believe it’s time to begin taking care of every demonrat one at a time, the same way they are doing to the republician’s, church goers, conservatives, law abiding CITIZENS and our Constitutional Rights and freedoms

  13. 1000 justices wouldnt matter if they went by the constitution and the founding fathers principles of God given rights!
    I am not a constitutional or biblical scholar but I obviously know more than some if not all of them in what either says or means!

  14. Has anyone read any where in our Constitution or any form of our history books that says, we are to be a communist country? Does it say we are suppose to have dictators rule our land? Are we not a free country that has had men and women die for it? Do their lives mean anything? Someone in Government that cares about this country I feel really needs to look at treason and those that may well bring it about before they have a chance to do so.

  15. These people are not politician’s and certainly not legislator’s, they are simply “domestic terrorist’s”. They have willfully become the “Trojan Horse” from within. From the Congress to the state department, to the alphabet agencies, and now SCOTUS. Their intention is to provoke and initiate “Civil War”, and have their corrupt “big mouth” MSM to fabricate the propaganda. Portray patriot’s and veteran’s as the enemy of democracy. When in fact, these people are the treasonous traitor’s to the Republic. And they exercise this everyday by willfully participate in a fraudulent bankrupt corporation. For all intentional purposes, this government headed by Biden, no longer exist. Which means that Washington D.C. is fake, it is a criminal syndicate on foreign land that has no authority to legislate anything. These ego-maniacs serve to the pleasure as it where to the U.S. military. It is real time for the charade to end, whether this dumb#ss public is ready or not. Innocent people have had to endure enough. Law, order and constitutionality needs to be restored either by the military or “We the People”. There can be no other way.

    1. GM , well said but thats what this game is about, civil war. Then they will intervene and take it all. Would mr biden ask for help from russia and china considering whe he and his family have been sleeping with them. The news is only covering the bs lieing agenda to leed it to civil unrest. They need to be scared when they utter lies. Yes we have to unite and we need to know what side your on. Time for reasoning has come and gone. Our country is under siege. Everyone needs to focus on taking back our country. A day and time publicized when all patriots enter the streets of The United States of America and show them our numbers, they need to be afraid of us. Focus only on the Bill of Rights and Constitution, do not sway to all the little things that divide us. In the streets on a decided day and time so they see our resolve and give an ultimatum, we are coming for them if they dont stop.

  16. Biden is bought and paid for along with is whole stinking family, they exude purr evil, the Chinese scumbag communist party has him by the short hairs and being gutless he does their bidding, he and the rest must be recalled!!

  17. Stay Locked & Loaded 24/7/365 and only shoot to protect your threatened family members from these thieving Radical, Devil-Driven & inspired idiotic Fools.

  18. They have planned this and took control of our government over 50 years ago. Has the powers that be done anything to stop it? Nope. Just keep asking for money as if that will solve the problem.

  19. I will start in Virginia. The rest of your should start a Petition in your state & then we’ll get them together – we need names, e-mail addresses, snail mail addresses & phone numbers. Of course citizens only!

  20. This is going to require that all Americans unite to make it known that We The People object to this legislature! I’m not sure how this can be accomplished but we need to get a petition together to get all Americans that do not like what is happening to come together to stop this now!

  21. Until we fix Last Nov. 6th we the people may be put in a place that won’t be good. For those who would try to break our Constitution and the Laws of OUR Country….and of God. Remember this “He is watching all you do.” time to be on the Right Side.

      1. Jesus is the final judge. He knows all and will be a righteous judge. Once judged you are there forever, eternity. No power, money, or lies will keep you out of hell if you have Satan as your god. There will be no second trial, no parole, no probation, no appeal. You’re done.

  22. If the democrats get away with putting more liberals on the Supreme Court then we can kiss the Constitution good by along with the Bill of Rights, the democrats only want to stay in control and destroy this country

    1. Why would the Democrats want to destroy America, when since FDR they created more prosperity, more than 2 times the jobs created by the GOP, less recessions, and much better market conditions. The DJIA is up 6500 points since election day. In the same period 4 years ago, with the promise of his tax giveaway the DJIA was only up 2500 points. Seems like business likes the Democrats and so do the people.

    2. They do not have the right to do this! They are fascist-by-nature for even thinking it! Everyone needs to know our Constitution and teach it to our kids. It is time to fight with everything inside of us.

  23. This court packing is crazy, and we need to continue to stop this madness. The Democratic will answer to our Father Jesus Christ our lord and savior. I hope they wake up and repent of their wicked ways.

    1. According to the Word of God, there are many wicked people that are incapable of repentance because of their continual rejection of God and the truth. In 1 Tim. 5:24, it says “Some men’s sins are open beforehand, going before to judgment; and some men they follow after.” Many of these Democrats are so evil and have rejected God and the truth that their sin’s are open beforehand(meaning before them) going before them to judgment. And many Democrats’ sins will follow after them because they knew better, but nevertheless rejected the truth. These are Demonic, evil beast, incapable of repentance.

    2. Since when is Jesus a Republican? Did he approve of the payments to Stormy from the Mad King?

      1. You are trying to compare a personal act as a part of the Republican basic creed Mr. Garfunkel. Would You compare the Democratic creed ( whatever it is ) and principles w/Bill Clinton’s affair w/ Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky ? ? ?
        Various Presidents in arrears far beyond Warren Harding have had Personal affairs. They have nothing to do w/Their party Creed.

  24. The court has been a model of judiciary moderation for many years. Now the Democratic communists want to bend it to their will. Beware.,for when the “worm turns” you will indeed be sorry.

  25. Everyone of the Dems need to be immediate re-called if they attempt to pack the Supreme Court. They are actually committing Treason in their quest to destroy America. None of te Dems should be allowed to stay in office! If any of you support the Dems, you need your heads examined!

    1. About 95 percent of our government is all for it. Why do you think the good guys asked President Trump to run? He could be trusted.

    2. They are nothing less than a bunch of America hating commies and should be treated as such. Their treasonous ways should be delt with by the American people .

    3. That is the same way I feel. This Presidency is suppose to be for the American people and all the people who are in this country legally. These legal people that are here had to go through a legal process to become citizens of the USA. I have no objection for people wanting to come here legal and to better themselves. But to come here illegal and the Democrats are allowing this, they are not taking care of us American and we should have a say in this. We all know this was a fraud election and the Democrats seen the Covid-19 pandemic as a way to do a fraudal election. Biden isn’t doing the President Job the swamp are doing that job because they no sleepy Joe isn’t capable of this tremendous job to take care if the USA and the country and the people. Democrats are ruining America and causing us to becspkitcnation instead of United. Something has to be done. these Republicans that are going to the Democrat side are Tradiors and all this Evil they are doing will come back on them and slap them in the face. You don’t Evil and get by with that. Most of you in the Swamp are millionaires and never had to work and diba decent days work. You need to work an 8 to 10 hour job 40 to 50 hours a week you might see how difficult it is to make a decent living. You in the Swamp are suppose to be for the America and the American People.

      1. I believe it’s time to begin taking care of every demonrat one at a time, the same way they are doing to the republician’s, church goers, conservatives, law abiding CITIZENS and our Constitutional Rights and freedoms

      2. Democrats are going to destroyed the USA in the next 4 years. Stopping all our energy resources like oil and national gas and others items too . USA will be buying foreigners oil and national gas too first time in 4 years .

          1. I agree with you guest, absolutely true! we will not have a country left in 4 years the way these idiots are destroying it.

    4. If they get their heads examined you and I and a whole lot of other reason people know nothing will be found.

    5. What difference does it make. Look what the current Supreme Court did about the Democrats stealing the last election. They did absolutely nothing. They way they acted or non action I could care less how many they put on the Supreme Court. John Roberts has ruined the reputation of the court

    6. The Supreme Courts numbers are not in the Constitution and over the years it was expanded!

      1. Then you get Kamala and next in line Pelosi so what good will that do ? They are all the same. There to get the new world order in. Agenda 21 now agenda 2030.The democrats that love that they have taken over are going to be crying when they figure out the truth of how we will live our lives. The left tells it in their own words but they are to dumb to look it up and to get it.

      2. Now??? The day after inauguration he should have been or better he should have never been inaugurated.

      3. He would be impeached if China didn’t already control the United States government. Can tell that by Supreme Court has sold us out . Our Military will go fight communism in other countries to help them but they’re not fighting for us American people here. They’re letting China have control thru Soros, Biden, Polosie & Shumer.

    1. Trump packed the court- and McConnell wouldn’t even give Garland a hearing! The Democrats will make their points. If the country wasn’t ruined by the Mad King, no one can!


        1. Totally agree with you JMANJIM41. DEMS ARE DISGUSTING and no where near in-line with our Constitution.

          1. They probably won’t print this but nadler needs to go. He can’t hold his bowls , he has crapped his pants on tv. It’s pathetic, he isn’t fair in the hearings. If it doesn’t suit him, he stops the talk.

      2. trump did NOT pack the Court, It was 9. Judges when he left the Office, it has always been 9.Judges. The DemonRatPack was to expand the Supream by packing in 16. more Judges, That Is Packing the Court.!!!

        1. This is the start of Distorting our Constitution and when that Happens it’s the Beginning Of the End of United States as we Know and Love and why does everyone want to come here!!!! ? We are not perfect but We are the Best. We Can Fix Anything If Get Crooked Out and We Know Who They Are!!! They have Been Much Too Long Thats Why We Need Term Limits

        2. You are absolutely correct! President Trump followed the Constitution. These demons are trying to destroy our country from within because they are bought by China and other communists. Look how utterly rich each one of them are! Especially the Biden’s and Pelosi’s!!!

      3. I’m guessing that the ” Mad King ” is referring to Mr. Trump. Now We have Sleepy Joe, Jezebel, and Crazy Nancy turning the Country upside down. This meaning no financial responsibility at all as evidenced in the Covid Bill and this upcoming Bill.
        PinocchiObama couldn’t have turned the Country on it’s head any faster. This Administration has done this damage in less than 90 days. Now They want to make the Supreme Court as much of a madhouse as the U. S Legislature.

        1. With you also, Craig. The only reason anyone would put President Trump down is because they do not know the Constitution and have no patriotism for our Country.

      4. What part of STUPID don’t you understand ?

      5. Trump did not pack the court! He just filled the vacant seats. There were 9 seats, like there have always been. The Dems want to add judges when there are no vacant seats!

    2. YOU….have got to be one of the idiot’s that voted for this Biden….you must be proud of yourself having to ay $1.00 more a gallon of gas and the rest of the high cost your chicken sh…t Biden is costing you. Beswides you must be chicken Sh..t to since you won’t use you name !!!!

    3. No President has ever and hopefully will ever have the right to appoint justices to the Supreme Court without the approval of the House and the Senate. Through these branches of the government, the people are able to voice their wishes. Therefore, it seems to me that the higher number will only make it harder and take longer for the Supreme Court to come to decisions. As for my way of thinking it seems reasonable to leave the number at nine justices.

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