It’s Happening – Trump Called It

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  1. NOT a pandemic. The Black Plague in the Middle Ages killed one in every three people. That’s a survival rate of 67%. THAT was a pandemic!

  2. Amazed if this gets through.
    Simple math: COVID death totals are hugely inflated. However, using them, the percentage of those who survived COVID or were never infected with the virus is 99.84% (out of 100%). Worldwide, it’s 99.97%.

  3. But will Trump face the same hatred and obstruction as before? Not Pence, either. Pompeo or DeSantis. Grenell. Tim Scott. Burgess Meredith. Blackburn.
    Ted Cruz for SCOTUS.

  4. Can’t wait til President Trump gets his rightful place back! Miss his leadership so much.

  5. Amerineed to unite and defeat all Communist Democrats, RINO Republicans and Globalists from our Government! Abolish all Lobbyists in Washington DC. Stop Bankrupting the American taxpayer! NO MORE CAREER POLITICIANS! We the People run this Country and not We the Politicians!

    We will take our Country back from these Greedy evil Globalist agendas!

    By force if necessary!

    Lots of room in the prisons for corrupt Politicians and their Deep State cronies!

  6. I think we all miss him terribly. He is the best President we have ever had and I am 84 years old and have seen them all. God Bless You President Trump you are still MY PRESIDENT!

    1. 45 was the absolute best President. Despite all efforts to make him fail, he succeeded in a better economy for all, better Trade Agreements, Better NATO agreements, Energy Independence, More Better Paying Jobs for All, a Safer World, Bringing our Soldiers Home from endless wars, Multiple Peace deals in the Mid-East. Women were respected more, Abortion was down, Our Border was more secure, Migrant Children were safer. GOD BLESS, “45.”

    1. I remember on Inauguration Day, 2017 when the Democrats started chanting “NOT MY PRESIDENT.” I thought that I could never say those words about a President that was duly elected by the Electorate. Sadly, I really don’t know if the 46th President was in fact “duly elected.” I don’t know how 46 could be elected while hiding in his bunker. With what is being done to the U.S.A. economy and our election laws, I now say the “genius” 46 in the WH is “NOT MY PRESIDENT.”

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