Is Nancy Pelosi using the National Guard as her own private army? It sure seems like it.

If you’re worried about democracy, you should have your sites fixed firmly on what Nancy Pelosi is doing with the National Guard right now.

Many Americans observed that the inauguration felt spooky and strange, with the heavy presence of armed troops, the lack of citizenry in the streets, and the legions of armored vehicles and bullet-proofed SUVs. It was for our protection against the MAGA “insurrectionists” they said. But it sure felt like something a banana republic would do.

That’s a fact that wasn’t lost on Republican congressman Michael Waltz, who just happens to be a colonel in the National Guard. Waltz said the Guard is being used as Nancy Pelosi’s private army. And he would know.

Waltz pointed out that Pelosi had 5 times the amount of National Guard troops in Washington DC than we have in Afghanistan and Iraq. If that doesn’t tell you something about Pelosi and Biden, I don’t know what does.

Waltz said, “I want to know what mission analysis, what threat reporting is driving this presence, to have five times in D.C., five times what we have in Afghanistan and what we have in Iraq. Two-and-a-half divisions sitting in our nation’s capital. And we have to remember guys, that this isn’t the active-duty military. This isn’t their day job. These men and women have lives. They have jobs. They have businesses. Many of them are single parents that had to make arrangements for their kids and they did this on just a few hours’ notice for what rightly, was an emergency and a failure of law enforcement. The National Guard should be a — they should be an option of absolute last resort. And now it seems like they’re becoming Nancy Pelosi’s private police force, and that is not an appropriate role for our men and women in uniform.”

Look at this video and ask yourself what is the real coup – a few hundred confused protesters on Jan. 6 or what’s happening now?