Is a Trump veto of Pelosi’s 6000-page stimulus bill possible?

At least one conservative commentator thinks that President Trump should veto Pelosi’s horrible stimulus bill.

Victoria Taft writes: “As feared, the so-called COVID relief bill is another behemoth Christmas tree offering by politicians spending your money on behalf of Uncle Sugar. This allegedly $900 billion bill ostensibly was written to help people wracked by the economic hit by COVID. It’s anything but. It’s another spendulous travesty and should be vetoed by President Trump – before Christmas.”

The bill is 6000 pages and lawmakers had 6 hours to read it – after months of delay on Pelosi’s part.

It includes all sorts of swamp-y provisions – and barely gives everyday Americans anything.

Here’s a sample of some of the more ridiculous provisions:

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  1. Put them all in the middle of the city, with no secret service or police and let the American citizens have at them. What a bunch of evil money hungry people they are. Strip them of their citizenship and send them to hel l. Veto, Veto ,Veto, It doesn’t matter at this point, they can’t blame Trump, only themselves. If Biden does get in, let him do the relief bill and then see what happens to the lying, greedy, wasteful Democrats because it won’t be pretty. I hope it will be televised.

    1. Please President Trump

      this bill has very little if anything pertaining to the virus!!!

      I also read where they want to send BILLIONS to foreign countries yet think that giving the american people $600 is a significant amount.

      THATS AN INSULT!!!!!

  2. Dear President Trump, Please VETO this travesty of spending. I and many more Americans are insulted that anyone in authority would submit, and authorized this waste. With respect and support.

  3. The ELITE have spent their LAST dime on their JUNK ! We have had enough… it is time for EVERYONE OF THEM to be voted out of WDC when their re-election comes around … 1/3 every two years.. and IF PELOSI is still in WCE … WE, the American people will PULL HER OUT BY HER HAIR !

  4. Americans are suffering and this witch doesn’t even care. No heart. Evil, evil.
    While Trump is vetoing the bill sent a letter to Pelosi, Schumer that they are FIRED. I as an American would love that.

  5. Dear President Trump,
    Please VETO this ridiculous bill. $600.00 would neither make or break me nor a majority of American citizens. In fact, it’s an insult to offer that amount considering it’s under their democratic governed states, we suffered the most with unnecessary, unwarranted/unsubstantiated lock-downs and other stupid unscientific proved mandates killing businesses and the economy, while they reap the rewards of “bonuses” (i.e. Cuomo giving himself $25,000 increase in pay). Clearly, this far-left extremist party is more interested in helping other countries to save face with the Deep State that they’re all in bed with. They do not represent America or American Citizens. All guilty of sabotage, espionage and treason. VETO VETO VETO

  6. What the hell’s the difference how much they give us back it’s our money anyway so who are they to decide how much we get back and by the way this is not stimulus money this is our money!

  7. Veto, Veto,Veto, Commander In Chief Donald J Trump you’ve kept
    all your Promise’s what you said you were going to do if elected.
    And in all your years in office you’ve accomplished all your promises.
    Also, you’ve made this Country Great Again and the American people
    are very proud to have such a great President in charge of this great nation.
    Many more individuals are working now more then ever before.
    You brought back over seas jobs back to America.
    Our Military has never been so strong but because of your great Leadership.
    We are once again the most powerful Military in the world once again.
    Our Veterans now are getting the best medical care in the world because of your support of all our Nations hero’s.
    Also, other Countries are now paying there cost share no other U S President has
    ever accomplished what you have in 4 years.
    The American people want you to know we love you for Making America Great
    Again. Keep fighting do not give in to the traitors who tried to steal your win.
    Thank you once again wanna see you being sworn in on January 20, 2021.

  8. Please, please, please, please, VETO this bill. These people are NUTS! and WE ARE NO FOOLS!!! THE ONLY PEOPLE TO BLAME HERE ARE THE DEMS AND I MEAN THE WHOLE LOT BECAUSE THEY HAVE ALLOWED THIS WOMAN TO GET AWAY WITH THIS. I hope they get reminded at the polls if we can keep them from cheating there as well.

  9. President Trump, please VETO this bill; I support you all the way!!! The evil Liberal Dems obviously don’t care about the American people or, for that matter, America. They should all be voted out of office! The money they are trying to spend in this bill has almost nothing to do with Covid and the paltry amount of $600/person is an insult(!) to all taxpayers; it’s OUR money! Please, please, please VETO this bill!!!!

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