Iran’s government executed over 250 Iranians, including women and children, in 2020: Report

While it doesn’t make the headlines in the mainstream media as it should, Iran continues to consistently be guilty of committing grave human rights abuses.

That was evidenced in a recent report, according to PJ Media, that revealed a staggering 250 Iranians, or more, were executed in 2020. That number includes at least nine women and four children, a development that experts say proves Iran is committing such offenses at an “alarming rate.” 

An Amnesty International report noted that Iran was the Middle East’s “top executioner” in 2020.

The report was issued by Javaid Rehman, the UN independent investigator on human rights in Iran, who held nothing back in his assessment of Iran’s savage judicial system.

Rehman noted “the absence of official statistics and lack of transparency around executions means that this practice escapes scrutiny, resulting in serious abuses [and] preventing accountability.”

He added: “These elements, and the heavy reliance by courts on forced confessions extracted under torture and other fair trial violations, lead me to conclude that the imposition of the death penalty in the Islamic Republic of Iran constitutes arbitrary deprivation of life.”

The Iranian government didn’t respond well to the report, issuing a statement in which they essentially, somehow, attempted to draw focus on the “attitudes and policies” of the United States, acting as if what’s happening in Iran shouldn’t be a priority for observers like Rehman.

“At a time when the world is suffering from the attitudes and policies of such Western countries like the United States, issuance of such a report against the Islamic Republic, which, itself, is a victim of these countries’ actions is a completely political and diversionary measure,” said the secretary-general of Iran’s Human Rights Office in a statement.

While radical progressive activists in the United States have to often resort to faking hate crimes in America for attention, an actual human rights tragedy continues to unfold in countries like Iran, but don’t expect to see any CNN or MSNBC breaking news reports on such horrific developments anytime soon.