Investigative reporter details multiple accounts of Bill Gates’ meetings with Jeffrey Epstein

Tech billionaire and philanthropist Bill Gates apparently has some explaining to do, at least according to revelations that will soon be revealed in an upcoming book about Jeffrey Epstein, written by Miami Herald investigative reporter Julie Brown.

According to Fox Business, even though Gates denied having a business relationship with Epstein in a 2019 interview with The Wall Street Journal, Brown details a number of occasions when the two billionaires met for business and, possibly, pleasure, including one instance of Gates traveling with Epstein via his private jet to one of Epstein’s Florida homes — a home connected to Epstein’s sex-trafficking ring. 

Brown’s book, Perversion of Justice: The Jeffrey Epstein Story, which will be released this week, offers a wealth of previously unknown information regarding multiple instances of Gates doing business with Epstein.

According to the author, the former Microsoft CEO met with Epstein at his Manhattan-based residence on at least three occasions, one of which he reportedly stayed “late into the night.” The meetings reportedly occurred sometime in the 2010s.

At the crux of the meetings, Brown writes, is Epstein’s attempt to secure a deal where he was offered a handsome brokers fee for raising large amounts of money from his ultra-wealthy friends for The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Gate’s charity.

“Others who worked for Gates’s foundation also visited Epstein’s mansion several times, and Epstein spoke to both Bill and Melinda Gates about a proposed charitable fund that could generate sizable fees for Epstein,” Brown’s book revealed, citing a New York Times report from 2019 to bolster the claim.

In 2013, Gates reportedly flew with Epstein on his private jet to one of his homes in Palm Beach, Florida.

A spokesperson for Gates has gone on the record as admitting that Gates is regretful of his past meetings with Epstein, upon the revelation of what the billionaire financier was doing behind the scenes in the world of sex trafficking.

“Bill Gates regrets ever meeting with Epstein and recognizes it was an error in judgment to do so. Gates recognizes that entertaining Epstein’s ideas related to philanthropy gave Epstein an undeserved platform that was at odds with Gates’s personal values and the values of his foundation,” the spokesperson said.

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Mae (@guest_382581)
8 days ago

More behind the Bill and Melinda breakup.

Margaret (@guest_382577)
8 days ago

Too bad he screwed his family, now, he is sorry, should have thought first. Wish my husband had thought, I’m still here but never get over it.

Angelika (@guest_382446)
9 days ago

And this sick pig helps destroying our country, just like the clintons….

Georgia Stafford (@guest_382698)
Reply to  Angelika
7 days ago


Vance (@guest_382432)
9 days ago

The foxes are in charge of the hen house. When they get rid of the deplorable vermin they will eat each other.

Anna (@guest_382426)
9 days ago

isn’t it very strange peculiar that people are getting very smart on killing shooting people & they have no conscience , morals or principles nor values in city or state government , when people report thing they show up dead ! Seth rich reported stuff & didn’t he work for the Democratic org. he winds up dead ! Epstein the millionaire billionaire involved with the Clinton’s Prince Andrew in jail & they say he commits suicide & the public does not believe that at all , so many dead bodies wiht people involved with elelcted officials , Vince Forester, Dead, involved with the Clinton’s, the congressman , got the female pregnant, the woman winds up dead Mr. Conway What is going on with the FBI & honesty, how long must the public wait for true Answers of honesty.

Nick Cignetti (@guest_382423)
9 days ago

If you want the truth always follow the money.

Sharon (@guest_382420)
9 days ago

To late for sorry all the poor children didn’t get a second chance or even a first chance time to give him to God in a body bag .wooo into anyone who touches the little children .

AnnaDarvall (@guest_382349)
10 days ago

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Larry Turman (@guest_382429)
Reply to  AnnaDarvall
9 days ago

Your over PAYED.

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