Independent voters signal massive loss of support for Biden, new polls say

President Joe Biden, amid a string of failures and broken promises to his supporters, continues to watch his polling numbers drop to embarrassing lows.

According to the New York Post, now the president needs to be concerned with where those polling numbers are sinking, as the latest polls revealed that the 78-year-old, struggling president is rapidly losing support among independent voters — a key demographic for any political candidate in any election.

In February, just a month after entering the White House, Biden had a somewhat comfortable 61% approval rating with independent voters, according to Gallup.

Fast-forward to the nine-month mark of his presidency, and in the same poll, Biden’s support from independents has dropped to a staggering 34%, spelling trouble not only for the president and his administration, but also for a very long list of Democratic candidates gearing up for the 2022 midterm elections.

The poll also revealed that Biden continues to struggle nationwide among the general voting population, as he holds a dismal approval rating of 42%. In some previous polls, the president had dipped into the upper 30’s.

Of course, pollsters and political pundits blame his falling numbers on a number of issues, including his Afghanistan foreign policy debacle, and a number of current issues facing the country, such as illegal immigration, a supply-chain crisis, and rising inflation — problems that his administration can’t seem to get control of.

As the Post noted: “The study revealed dramatic polarization among party lines in support for Biden: 92 percent of Democrats approved of his presidency while 6 percent disapproved; while only 4 percent of Republicans approved of the job he is doing and 94 percent disapproved.”

That equals a gap of 88%, which was noted to be the largest gap in Gallup poll history — not exactly the kind of records that Biden wants to set.

Only time will tell if Biden continues to lose massive amounts support from all voters, and important demographics like independents, but the way things are going, it look as though it will worsen before it has even a remote chance of improving.