Illegal immigrant brothers from Guatemala charged in Arkansas stabbing death

As growing waves of migrants make their way to the southern border – seemingly with the tacit approval of the current administration – the often deadly consequences of unchecked, illegal immigration continue to wreak havoc in communities across the country.

One of the latest examples of criminal violence allegedly committed at the hands of illegal immigrants can be seen in the arrest of two undocumented Guatemalan brothers living in Arkansas who are now charged with fatally stabbing a 32-year-old man earlier this month and face the possibility of life imprisonment, as the Washington Examiner reports.

According to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, Gaspar Gaspar Andres, 36, was arrested Monday morning, and his brother, Pascual Gaspar Andres, 26, was taken into police custody on Tuesday, with both men now facing charges of first-degree murder. The siblings were held without bail and were set for an appearance in Garland County District Court later in the week.

The charges stem from an incident in Hot Springs earlier this month when officers were called to a residence at which a fight had reportedly erupted and in which a man had been injured.

Upon entering the premises, police found a man, later determined to be Miguel Ruiz Ruiz, lying on the bathroom floor surrounded by blood, only to be pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

An eyewitness at the scene identified men she knew only as “Paco” and “Paco’s brother” as the individuals who were involved in the altercation with Ruiz, also declaring that the two men were the only ones to exit the residence following the melee.

After the witness and her boyfriend used Facebook to confirm the names of the men they believe they saw at the scene, they provided details to police who ultimately verified their identities and issued arrest warrants. Gaspar Andres reported to police voluntarily on Monday, while his brother was not detained until the next day.

According to the Democrat Gazette, Gaspar Andres did not have any prior criminal record besides routine traffic violations, and Pascual Andres had no previous criminal infractions at the time of arrest. Now, however, both are facing charges that have the potential to put them in prison for the rest of their lives.

Now that the Biden administration has effectively reinstated the so-called “catch and release” policy for illegal immigrants, and countless undocumented individuals are now poised to disperse to all corners of the country, it seems all but certain that violent crimes committed by those already here unlawfully will only increase.

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  1. Why keep these 2 illegals alive and provide them 3 meals a day and clean sheets at the American taxpayers expense. They aren’t worth it. A bullet or hanging is a lot cheaper!

      1. I guess we know all we need to know says lester holtz. no need for a trial the witnessess are there, the body is there so lets just prosecute a la bidenharris… let them go free with a slap on the wrist…

    1. I think they should be sent to DC where their care can come out of the salaries of Pelosi & Shummer.

    2. BeiJing Joe, and Cameltoe Harris are indirectly Responsible for this man’s death. But they are so desperate to create New democRat Voters. They can Not steal another election. We know all their tricks by now.

    3. I would charge Biden, Pelosi, Schumer and other Democraps with MURDER for allowing the illegal immigrants into our country illegally who are murderers, drug dealers. And we have to worry about our own American children, not illegal children. Send them back immediately to their home countries. The Democraps have ruined our beautiful country as they are a Communist Organization, starting with Pelosi (Mafia family), Schumer, Biden, and all other Democrats involved in allowing illegals to cross our borders. I consider these Democrats MURDERERS of American citizens. We must stand against this illegal crossing our borders by children without parents, murderers, thieves, illegals who belong in their own country. Immediately, a lawsuit must filed in the SUPREME COURT against any illegals crossing our borders and they must be shipped back to their own countries. BIDEN follows the orders of Pelosi, AOC, Bernie and all the other criminals in the Democraps Party. Remember how the Civil War started. We are now in the midst of another Civil War with the weak Republicans against the criminal Democraps. Bring out the troops to save our country.

  2. I say introduce them to good old sparkly!! Send a message loud & clear!!!!!! We the taxpayers are not paying for their keep in prison

  3. I agree totally with Gail Davis and George., why should we the tax payers have to keep these low life people alive. HANG THEM IN PUBLIC.


  4. I agree 10000% with Gail Davis we are being duped again by our government and are being forced to provide for these ilegals criminals trump was and continue to be right they are everything he says they are

  5. That’s insane. They do not deserve to be kept alive and cost us untold dollars to keep them that way. Eliminate them and they will NEVER do that again.

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