IG report contradicts Pelosi’s claims that Pentagon delayed troop deployment on Jan 6

In the aftermath of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, fingers were pointed all over the place with regard to who failed to do what, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) ultimately placing blame on the Pentagon for not getting National Guard troops to the devolving, violent situation fast enough.

However, according to Just The News, according to a recent Inspector’s General report, the Pentagon did not, in fact, delay the deployment of a contingent of troops to help quell the situation. The report directly contradicts Pelosi’s previous claims, and raised questions as to whether Pelosi blamed the Pentagon to save her political career at the time. 

In a recent podcast interview, former acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller described his feelings after watching what he claimed was the U.S. military getting thrown under the bus by politicians like Pelosi and her Democratic ilk.

“I was so naive. I couldn’t believe it,” Miller said. “When it comes to national security, I thought we’re on the same team. I was really horrified that it had become so partisan.”

Miller must have felt vindicated upon the release of the damning report, as the IG’s office found that he and former Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy “acted reasonably” in deploying a second round of backup troops as the riot raged at the Capitol building.

He added that he “felt heartbroken” as at the time, he noted that U.S. troops “responded really with alacrity and professionalism,” noting that he was disappointed that D.C. politicians used the troops and their commanders as scapegoats.

The report also directly contradicted claims made in front of a Senate hearing in March by then-Commanding General of the D.C. National Guard Maj. Gen. William Walker, who said the Pentagon purposely delayed a National Guard response to the unrest.

Though he was later interviewed by the Inspector’s General office, its report found absolutely no evidence to support his claim, bolstering the theory that the troops could have been purposely delayed by Pelosi or others who, at the time, likely saw a political opportunity and seized it.

It’s truly sad, if that’s the case, that politicians like Pelosi would play politics with U.S. troops, but that seems to be the world in which we now live.