Hunter Biden’s wife spotted patronizing Los Angeles pot dispensary

As if the debauched antics of scandal-plagued Hunter Biden have not brought sufficient disgrace upon President Joe Biden’s family, a recent trip to a Los Angeles marijuana dispensary by the first son’s wife that was captured by photographers is certain to add to the air of disgrace that follows the entire, troubled clan.

Radar Online reported that on Thursday of last week, Hunter Biden’s 35-year-old wife, Melissa Cohen, was spotted running a series of errands while accompanied by her Secret Service detail, and that is when she also took time to pop into the 99 High Tide pot dispensary on Pacific Coast Highway.

According to the outlet, after stocking up on some fresh produce at Whole Foods and stopping at CVS, Cohen – clad in a floral mini dress – perused the offerings at the dispensary before emerging with what was described as a “small bottle with a white cap.”

The 99 High Tide shop patronized by Cohen boasts a full range of vape cartridges, edibles, pre-rolled marijuana joints, and loose flowers, according to the Daily Mail, though it is unknown what Hunter’s wife ultimately selected.

California, it should be noted, is among a growing number of states in which recreational marijuana use is condoned by the government, and as such, Cohen’s consumer excursion did not technically run afoul of any laws — perhaps other than the unwritten rules of propriety close relatives of the commander in chief are generally expected to follow.

Though the couple is reported to have recently departed the $20,000 per month Malibu abode in which they had been living, Cohen’s weed shopping excursion seems to confirm speculation that she and her husband have indeed remained in the local area.

Biden and Cohen – a filmmaker from South Africa – tied the knot in 2019, and together they share a son, Beau, who was born in March of 2020.

The images of the president’s daughter-in-law out purchasing drugs come on the heels of yet another round of debased leaks from Hunter Biden’s notorious, abandoned laptop in a tranche of data that included photos and videos of the first son frolicking in hotels with prostitutes and weighing crack cocaine on a scale.

Given that Hunter Biden has publicly detailed his personal struggles with addictions to drugs and alcohol, it seems ill-advised – to say the least – for his wife to be frequenting marijuana dispensaries, but then again, when it comes to members of the utterly dysfunctional first family and the shame they seem more than happy to bring upon the presidency, perhaps it is all par for the course.