Hunter Biden gives career counseling to stripper on unearthed laptop recording

Despite mainstream media attempts to downplay or outright hide the slew of bawdy revelations gleaned form Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop, a particularly prurient exchange between the president’s son and a stripper has been revealed in which all sorts of fascinating life advice is offered, as the Washington Examiner reports.

Biden’s controversial computer – reportedly abandoned at a Delaware computer repair shop back in 2019 – has been said to contain all manner of damning evidence of drug abuse, nefarious business dealings, and explicit encounters with prostitutes all over the globe, according to the Daily Mail.

The conversation the Examiner describes, which was apparently recorded in May of 2018, includes a detailed explanation of Biden’s belief that embarking on a career in stripping is a savvy move for talented, forward-thinking women and is not something for which those employed in the industry should ever be ashamed.

Speaking with an unidentified exotic dancer, Biden is heard boasting that he has visited “almost every club on every continent except one and every country that I can think of from Cairo…to China,” and that in his vast experience, most strippers lack pride in their work, something he considers unfortunate.

During the recording, Biden pays tribute to his conversation partner’s willingness to go public with her status as a stripper, saying, “The bravery from you is extraordinary because almost no one came forward before you started to do this. I’ve never met one that was like you,” he gushed.

Pointing to the seemingly endless upward mobility he believes comes from a career in stripping, Biden posited that a woman who works as a grocery checkout clerk could probably not afford college, but by “dancing with your clothes off for money for men all over the world,” the sky would certainly be the limit.

Patting himself on the back for his personal championing of strippers all over the globe, Biden explained to his female friend that he assures every such performer he knows that they ought to respect themselves, feel proud, and let their career status be known to family, friends, and potential employers.

In an effort to cast stripping as a fundamentally noble undertaking, Biden is heard on the recording to say, “In an all-female profession almost all of them attempt to earn the money for their children. If it’s not for their children, it’s for their mother.”

President Joe Biden has previously described his son Hunter as “the smartest guy I know,” begging the question of whether the sort of nuanced analysis of stripping as a vocation heard in this recording helped form the basis of his glowing assessment.