Hunter Biden could face prison time for not registering as a foreign agent: Report

The mainstream media often conveniently forgets to mention that Hunter Biden has been the subject of a federal investigation — at least one we know of — since 2018.

But even before that investigation comes to fruition, the junior Biden could be facing actual prison time for breaking a fairly standard law. According to the Washington Examiner, some believe Hunter Biden could be prosecuted and found guilty of failing to file as a foreign agent, given the numerous business deals he completed with a long list of foreign countries.

Hunter Biden’s infamous “laptop from hell” revealed to the country that he had definitely been involved with a number of foreign business deals that would have required he be registered under the federal Foreign Agents Registration Act

Hunter Biden was registered to lobby domestically, but failed to register as a foreign agent.

“The recent disclosures of additional foreign contacts has only strengthened what was already a strong case. Indeed, in the last few weeks, the compelling basis for a FARA charge has become unassailable and undeniable,” said legal expert and GWU law professor Jonathan Turley.

Those who flout the federal law that requires them to register as foreign agents, if prosecuted and convicted, can face up to five years in federal prison, and/or up to a $250,000 fine.

Only time will tell if President Joe Biden’s Justice Department decides to do its job in this particular matter. When/if Republicans reclaim Congress and then hopefully the White House in 2024, Hunter Biden will undoubtedly have to answer for his crimes then.