Hundreds riot, dozens arrested in Minnesota over the death of Daunte Wright

Roughly 40 arrests were made at the Brooklyn Center Police Department Monday at the sight of a demonstration hundreds-strong protesting the death of Daunte Wright, a  20-year-old Black man fatally shot by police during a traffic stop, according to Fox News.

“Authorities fired tear gas, and flash-bang grenades into the crowd after warning them that they were in violation of curfew,” Fox added.

 “Some rioters retaliated by throwing smoke canisters back toward law enforcement, while others launched fireworks at the police lines, according to reports.” 

According to the report, officers were shelled “pretty significantly,” by the rioters throwing things from the crowd and several officers suffered minor injuries during the unrest. 

Police continued to ask the crowd to “Move back!” and the crowd changed in return “Hands up! Don’t shoot!” 

Law enforcement attempted to de-escalate the situation by talking with protesters but “unfortunately, those efforts weren’t successful … so … [we] stood and protected that building,” Minnesota State Patrol Col. Matt Langer said.

The dozens of arrests were due to violations including breaking the 7 PM curfew for Minneapolis put in place by Minnesota Governor Tim Walz as well as rioting. 

Waltz also deployed the National Guard in an effort to impose law and order, according to Fox News. As the day wore on, the riot deteriorated into looting that affected several businesses, including a nearby Dollar Tree and the police station. 

This disturbance is a stark reminder of what the city went through almost a year ago after the death of George Floyd. Those riots spread worldwide, which led to the deaths of 19 in just the first two weeks, and the injury of over 700 more.