Hundreds of Navy SEALs at risk of losing careers over Biden’s vaccine mandate

Under President Joe Biden’s leadership — if one can even call it that — America might soon face a new crisis behind the scenes on the national security front, as the president’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates are posing a serious threat to critical components of the U.S. military.

According to Just The News, according to an attorney, a large group of U.S. Navy SEALs could soon face the possibility of not being able to be deployed because they haven’t complied with Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. 

Given the sensitive and ultra-critical nature of the type of work they do to keep Americans safe at night, it appears to be a national security threat in the making.

At issue for the SEALs is their religious beliefs, and while that scenario is playing out all over the United States in a number of industries — all of them important — the possibility of hundreds of Navy SEALs being sidelined because of Biden’s vaccine mandate poses great risk to the United States’ military readiness.

“My clients include several Navy SEALs who are a small part of a large group of SEALs and other military members who are being asked to choose between their faith and their ability to serve our nation,” said R. Davis Younts, a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force reserves and a JAG lawyer representing some of the SEALs as their private counsel.

Younts added: “They have been told that if they seek a religious accommodation, they likely will no longer be able to serve our country as Navy SEALs and been given an arbitrary deadline to comply with the vaccine mandate.”

Lawyers, including Younts, are simply asking the Pentagon at this time for a 90-day extension for the SEALs to determine if they’ll comply with the mandate, as some of the special operators have been given barely a week to comply.

Pastor Jeff Durbin has been counseling some of the special operators involved in the dispute, and claimed that the issue is affecting up to 33% of the SEAL community.

“They are essentially being asked to make a decision between their commitments to the lordship of Christ and their careers as Navy SEALs. Our country should be very concerned about what this would do to military readiness,” Durbin said, adding that if the Pentagon doesn’t figure out the issue in a timely manner, the results for America could be “devastating.”