Hundreds of Australian anti-lockdown protesters arrested after clash with police

The country of Australia is in rough shape right now, as unbelievably Draconian COVID-19 lockdown measures are stirring widespread revolt among its citizens.

That was evidenced over the weekend, according to the Washington Examiner, as hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters were arrested by Australian police forces, with arrests happening in Sydney and Melbourne — the country’s largest cities.

With hundreds, and oftentimes thousands, of angry protesters taking to the streets to express their frustrations with the overly strict COVID-19 lockdown rules, it’s not surprising that many of the protests, including the most recent outbreak, have resulted in nasty encounters between protesters and police officers.

In Melbourne, over 700 ticked-off protesters charged at a line of Australian police, which resulted in multiple injuries on both sides.

Australian police leaders attempted to paint the picture as a “small minority” of Australian residents who were upset with the rules and protested as a result.

“It was extremely disappointing to see another example of a small minority of the community showing a complete disregard for the health and safety of not only police, but each and every other Victorian,” a statement from the Victoria police read.

From limiting the number of beers they can drink to the mass killing of dogs, Australian health officials have taken the lockdown measures to unbelievable and ridiculously stupid extremes, leaving no choice for concerned residents other than to act out in the streets and voice their opposition.

Only time will tell how the situation in Australia ends, but as long as authorities continue to keep in place such asinine restrictions in the name of “public safety,” it’s not a stretch to expect an increasing number of freedom-loving Australian citizens to take action.