Hundreds of arrests in Australia as angry citizens protest COVID lockdowns

As world governments consider stricter lockdowns in the face of the resurgence of COVID-19 thanks mostly to the delta variant, citizens of those countries are beginning to push back.

As The Daily Wire reported, that was evidenced in Australia over the past week as ticked-off Aussies took to the streets by the thousands after their government attempted to impose a new round of COVID-related lockdowns. As a result, one of the latest protests resulted in “hundreds” of arrests in Melbourne and Sydney, as angry citizens clashed with police on the streets.

The situation in Australia went from bad to worse in a hurry, as hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters clashed with Australian police, sending at least seven officers to the hospital.

Scenes from the wild protests quickly went viral across social media. Video footage shows mounted police struggle to get control of the large groups of protests, while police resorted to deploying tear gas and other counter-measures in an attempt to regain control.

“Mounted police used pepper spray in Melbourne to break up crowds of more than 4,000 surging toward police lines, while smaller groups of protesters were prevented from congregating in Sydney by a large contingent of riot police,” a Reuters report indicated.

Many on social media believe that the anti-lockdown protests will continue to spread and grow across the country as long as the government continues to push for another round of lockdowns.

The country is experiencing a massive spike in COVID-19 cases, even as a majority of Australia has been under some form of lockdown for the past two months. Clearly, many Aussies aren’t fans of extended lockdowns and their anger and frustration continues to spill over into the form of protests that sometimes turn violent.

Similar protests have increased worldwide, with instances in Francy, Italy, and the U.K. as recent examples of citizens expressing their anger over a new round of COVID-19 lockdowns. Only time will tell what happens, but it appears as if the situation will become much worse before it begins to improve.