House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stumbles and almost falls after delivering comments at the late Harry Reid’s funeral on Saturday

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made headlines when she stumbled off the stage at the funeral of the late Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reaid on Saturday, according to The Daily Mail

Pelosi had glowing things to say about Reid and claimed that she had never heard the former legislative leader say a harsh word about anyone, which was something that former President Barack Obama later refuted.

Following her remarks the 81-year-old California Democrat stumbled, almost falling as she left the stage, regained her balance by grabbing the podium, and was able to leave without falling.

“Few could rival Harry’s understanding of his senators, their states, their needs, their ambitions, and in all of our conversations I never heard Harry say an unkind word about any of his Senate colleagues, Democratic or Republican,” Pelosi said.

The speaker remembered how Reid would hang up on her, frequently, something that was known as a quirk of his, but seemed to be brushed off as a part of his unique way of making deals: “He was a man of few words and he wanted everybody else to be a person of few words,”she said.

“And again, we’ll go to the phone calls, because I immodestly say that I probably got hung up on the most by Harry Reid.  Two or three times a day for 12 years. That is official working days, sometimes Saturday and Sunday.”

Obama, however, who has given more credit Reid for his rise to the White House than almost anyone, delivered the eulogy, fact checked the speaker saying,  “He was willing to cut deals, even with folks he didn’t agree with or particularly like.”

“I heard Nancy Pelosi say she never heard Harry say anything bad about any of his colleagues. I don’t know about that Nancy,” the former president said as the room broke out in laughter.

“Harry may have been a proud Democratic partisan, he didn’t shy away from bare knuckle politics, but what is true is that I never heard Harry speak of politics as if it was some unbending battle between good and evil,” Obama said.