House Republicans demand appointment of special counsel in Hunter Biden probe

As the media narrative and federal investigation surrounding President Joe Biden’s embattled son, Hunter, continue to evolve, a large group of House Republicans have announced their demand that Attorney General Merrick Garland name a special counsel to assume responsibility for the ongoing probe, as the Washington Examiner reports.

As things currently stand, the investigation of Hunter Biden’s tax and financial dealings, which he has previously acknowledged has been under way for quite some time, is being headed up by Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss.

In a letter to Garland spearheaded by Rep. Tom Rice (R-SC), the aforementioned lawmakers declared, “We are concerned that in the case of Hunter Biden, the [Justice] Department has an actual conflict of interest and certainly has the appearance of a conflict of interest that could prevent a fair and impartial investigation of his activities.”

The communication to Garland continued, “You were nominated to your position by Hunter Biden’s father and ultimately work for him… . We believe that in the case of Hunter Biden a Special Counsel must be appointed to preserve the integrity of this investigation and any subsequent prosecution.

Delving more specifically to the substance of the questions surrounding the first son, the letter asserted that “[i]t is increasingly clear that Hunter Biden took advantage of his father’s position as Vice President to develop business relationships with clients in Ukraine, China, and Kazakhstan.”

“It appears that Hunter Biden used his position of son of then-Vice President Biden to gain wealth and influence in foreign counties, using questionably sourced money to pay tax liabilities, and lobbying on behalf of foreign entities without proceeding through the proper channels,” the legislators stated.

Also voicing support for the appointment of a special counsel in the Hunter Biden probe is George Washington University law professor and legal scholar Jonathan Turley, who wrote in The Hill last week that adamant White House reaffirmations of the president’s prior statements that his son “did nothing [that] was unethical” and had not “made money” in China render Merrick Garland’s refusal to date to appoint a special counsel “absolutely untenable.”

According to Turley, there is already sufficient information in the public sphere – much of it gleaned from Hunter Biden’s own laptop computer – to suggest that not only did the first son engage in questionable business dealings abroad, but also that his father was fully aware of the fact all along. As such, in the professor’s estimation, “[i]t is hard to imagine a stronger case for a special counsel.”

As Turley noted, Garland once vowed to ensure that these types of conflicts – or even the appearance thereof – would not plague the Justice Department on his watch, though he now faces a scenario in which the president he serves has categorically denied wrongdoing by his son, some of which he is also alleged to have been involved. Whether the AG will be sufficiently moved by these facts to do the right thing and appoint a special counsel, however, only time will tell.