House passes bill to restrict presidential power

The lower house of congress passed a bill that restrained presidential power on Thursday in what Democrats called a response to former President Donald Trump’s time in office. 

According to The New York Times, Thursday’s “sweeping package” put constraints on presidential power in response to Trump’s “norm-busting presidency” and Republicans were largely wary of the bill.

“By a nearly party-line vote of 220 to 208, the House approved the Protecting Our Democracy Act, which would impose new curbs on executive power,” the Times reported.

The bill’s supporters said that it would support “tighter government ethics,” however the seemingly pointed attack on Trump’s movements while in the White House caused concern.

“Disturbingly, the last administration saw our democracy in crisis with a rogue president who trampled over the guardrails protecting our Republic,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi said.

“Now, Congress has the solemn responsibility and opportunity to safeguard our democracy, ensuring that past abuses can never be perpetrated by any president of any party.”

Amongst the details of the newly minted bill was the requirement that presidential candidates disclose their tax returns, something that was a sticking point for the former president, and an extension of the current anticorruption prohibition to commercial transactions.

The second part was also pointed at Trump, as he patently refused to divest from his hotels at the time that he took office in 2017.

The legislation now moves to the Senate where it will need a 60-vote majority to pass, meaning Republicans have a firm chance of blocking it, something that Kentucky Republican James Comer said he believes there is a strong chance for saying that there is “no apparent path for the bill in the Senate.”