House GOP could add three seats in 2022, putting Speaker Pelosi at risk of firing

It has already been predicted by pundits representing both sides of the political aisle that Republicans stand a likely chance at regaining a House majority in the 2022 midterms.

However, according to the Washington Examiner, the Republican party received a massive boost on Monday after it was announced that, thanks to the results of the 2020 census, Texas gained two additional House seats and Florida, one extra seat.

Because Republicans are now especially primed to retake the House in the next session of Congress, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has just officially been put on notice, as it’s a safe bet to assume that the next Speaker will likely be House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

Since state lawmakers are in charge of redistricting, it’ll almost undoubtedly end up in a scenario where Republicans make sure they stand the highest chance of taking the new seats in both states, which is paramount to their future success in the 2022 midterms.

The U.S. Census Bureau made several bombshell announcements on Monday concerning states that lost or gained seats in the House of Representatives. Most notably was the very clear pattern of Americans leaving heavily blue states like California, Illinois, and Michigan. All three states lost one House seat as a result of residents fleeing to other states.

Red states like Florida, Texas, and Montana all gained seats. Colorado, North Carolina, and Oregon rounded out the six states that gained at least one House seat in the wake of the new census data.

The population change in Florida and Texas also means they’ll have more Electoral College votes in the next two presidential elections, with Texas bumping up to 40 and Florida moving up to 30, which makes those states only second and third to California.

Although Texas has been traditionally red, experts say that it could be competitive in the years to come, with urban centers around its major cities like Houston, Dallas, and Austin going heavily blue in the last election.

Florida should mostly be a lock for Republicans all around, as it not only has Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), but also a new Senate seat and two new House seats from the 2020 election.


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  2. Get rid of Nancy Pelosi & All the other Communist Democrats, When are the American People going to wake up & see what these Communusts are doing to our country ??

  3. Our government is a joke! Other countries have a hand in the outcome of our elections! We are being taxed way to much! Back to taxation without representation! Sounds like what we where taught in grade school!

  4. What a wonderful prospect. For some reason, Nancy seems to have parted company with the American People. She doesn’t seem to have a clue that we no longer agree with her on much of anything. Maybe she killed one too many brain cells or someone is paying her a lot of money to play the fool. Either way, I hope she’s gone soon.

  5. I hope Pelosi falls flat on her face in 2022! But, I never have cared for Kevin McCarthy, he is not a patriot of our country. I think he is only out for Kevin McCarthy. I think Jim Jordan is a better choice for Speaker of the House! He is for the American people and a wise man!

  6. Good I hope it happens and I hope that the American people see what the democratic party is doing to this country and they vote a bunch of them out of office, it will not break my heart top see Pelosi loose her position as speaker

  7. Polsi can’t hurt another Demolorat they are all the same the lowest form of life on this earth. They don’t care for anything on this earth but them selves they only want power and all the money the can swindle out of us taxpayer. One day very soon our LORD and SAVIOR will be back to give them their just reward for the destruction they have brought to this Great Country. The Devel is holding the door open to receive the Polititans and so called news media that will be coming there for eternety. You can’t do GOD”S people like they have and not pay the price for it. Pray on GOD will take care of us in the end and it will all be worth it all.

  8. Maybe, if we’re lucky, she’ll keep her promise. Remember when she said she would retire if the republicans ever gained back control of “her” house? I do!!

  9. Get rid of her now. She is the worst that I’ve ever seen. She should never to House Speaker. In fact, I remember when Paul Ryan was leaving and she immediately went around begging for votes, and got herself in. She has done nothing but show out, act like she is the boss and she is corrupt. GET HER OUT NOW!!!

  10. In this banking going to all cards and no cash my question is what happens in case of power outage? Will people not be able to buy anything until problem solved? This move is Ridiculous.

  11. Even her past bribing a judge for her rapist brother ! And evidence points to her for Jan 6th . Bribing our Military !!! “What’s it take to OUST her ????

  12. She should’ve already been fired ! Breaking her own laws , inciting violence, committing voter fraud !!

  13. Nothing is impossible When you put your trust in God .The American people need to return back to the God of this nation.This nation started with the blessings of God .

  14. HELL – ………Ronald McDonald ……Would be a Better House Speaker……than the Ole “DUFUS”……Pelosi..!!! She IS and HAS BEEN and ALWAYS WILL BE….A “PATHETIC” – WOMAN.!!!! SHE NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE HOUSE SPEAKER AND ALL THE OTHER DUMB DEMOCRATS AND BACK STABBING REPUBLICANS……LET IT HAPPEN.!!!! SHE SURELY HAS BEEN IN THERE – WAY TOOOOOOOO LONG.!!!!! Give her a Broom and Let Her Ride Off into the Sunset and Burn as a Witch – Should.!!!! She has caused just as much damage to the American People as did Obama A-Hole…..and Now….Biden A-Hole.
    Our Government is Totally in Shambles….with Biden and Harris….Trying to Run this Country….~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. YAY, Texas, way to go!!! People are moving here because you are awesome, you are a large state with plenty of room, you have great benefits and there is so much to do. ❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

    1. I agree totally she has been on her own
      Directions and along with the Democrats the swamp who is pushing along with her they are evil and I’m so glad that we need to get rid of her she has nothing but trouble and we need to have a better USA.

    1. Amen. I pray e Rey. Ight to help us all remove the democrats from ever being part of our government t again. We need all of them out starting with Biden and Kamala down through Pelosi, Schumer and all others who ran for the democratic side of congress. Enough is enough…..their time is over now!!!

    1. Please remove her from office by any means necessary. She is evil and a lying hypocritical representative. She can’t be trusted.

      1. I believe that her and all Democrats made a pact with the Devil and to seal the deal Maxine Waters and Pelosi married him.

    2. You definitely know the answer Don. That clown Biden probably didn’t even get 10 million votes, and the 2 despicable people that won the runoff senate race got their votes by fraud also. Main Stream Media must think everyone is dumb like Jocks, Hollywood and Liberals who have haven’t got a clue.

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