House Democrats voted against sanctions for Hamas terrorists

Democrats in the House of Representatives voted against sanctions against the Iranian-backed terror group Hamas on Tuesday afternoon, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

The terror group has been actively attacking the nation of Israel for the past two weeks, lobbing thousand f missiles at largely civilian areas, escalating an ongoing conflict.

“In a 217-209 vote, Democrats rejected a bid by House Republicans to hold a vote on Hamas sanctions legislation authored by Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL),” the Free Beacon reported.

“The bill was supported by every House Democrat in the last Congress, but stalled this time around when Democratic members refused to allow the bill to be considered by the legislative body. Republicans wanted to pass the legislation to further express support for Israel as it fights the terror group.”

America’s strong allyship with the nation of Israel prompted Republicans to put forward the bill in solidarity with the country who is several weeks into a vicious conflict.

“Hamas preaches the destruction of Israel and death to everything we hold dear in the United States. The recent attacks again show why we must cut off their financial support,” Mast said according to the Free Beacon.

“But today House Democrats backtracked on their previous support for this bill, and in doing so sent a clear message to the world that they stand with Radical Islamic terrorists like Hamas instead of with our ally Israel.”

Several outspoken Democrats, however, have criticized Israel, including Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Rashida Tlaib (D-MI.), and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY).

“Today every member in the House will have a choice between siding with our ally or siding with a status quo that will only perpetuate the unrest,” Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), the chamber’s minority leader, said in a statement ahead of the vote. “Support for Israel should remain a proud, bipartisan, but most of all, clear policy principle in Congress. As our greatest ally in the Middle East faces the most intense siege in 7 years, the House should make it clear to the world that we stand united in support of Israel.”

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21 Responses

  1. What is wrong with the democrats? Voting to not punish Hamas is so wrong. Are all the dems unamerican? Do they not have the common sense that God gave them. They are a disgrace to our American rights. They all need to be voted out and I hope that 2022 will be a big wake up call for them.

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  3. It is amazing to me how so many Jewish Politicians never vote for anything backing US support of Israel. George Soros, Bloomberg, Schumer, Schiff, Blumenthal etc. should put their money towards saving their mother country instead of trying to silence Conservatives!!

  4. Absolutely Anti-American. The Congress is filled with a bunch of PISSY-ANT Two-Bit Politicians who vote Anti- American to preserve their precious positions.

  5. The F**king corrupt communist democrats voted against it only because republicans wanted the sanctions against Hamas. If it had been the democrats idea they would have all been for it but since the republicans were for it the democrats in typical fashion were against it. These communist democrats are nothing but obstructionist. Anything the republicans want the commie democrats are against. And as for Cortez, Tlaib, and Omar why in the Hell do they place so much importance on what these idiots think. Ever time anyone of these fools opens their mouth nothing but stupid comes out.

  6. You know that the end of America is coming as the Bible foretells of a time when it will turn its back on the nation of Israel. It’s already happened once, under Obama, now it’s happening again.

  7. Of course they voted against sanctions on a TERRORIST group. Talib and Omar would crap a brick if the House did anything that remotely looked like they support Isreal. The democrats hate Isreal, and stand with any murdering group like Hamas, who by the way started this last incident by firing thousands of rockets into Isreali neighborhoods, killing innocent people, but the democrats don’t give a rat’s rectum about that. They only care about kissing extremists butt and by extention Talib and Omar’s.

  8. Is there any question that the demorats are nothing but terrorist their selves. They have turned their backs on America, freedom and God’s chosen ones.

  9. I sure hope they are really proud of the way they are doing everyone and one day karma will come back to every one of them. It’s really sad they couldn’t vote to support Israel our ally! All because they are working with 3 foreigners who would rather support the terrorists!!

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