House and Senate Republicans are investigating whether the Biden Administration illegally removed Trump appointed judges

A probe has been started by the top two Republicans in the House and Senate for judicial matters to see if the Biden administration fired federal immigration judges and replaced them with more liberal ones.

Sen. Chuck Grassley (IA) and Rep. Jim Jordan (OH), Republicans who serve on the Senate and House Judiciary Committees, wrote a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland on Wednesday demanding information about the Department of Justice’s dismissal of several judges who were appointed under the Trump administration, according to The Washington Examiner.

“At least some of these terminations appear to have been the result of a coordinated effort between the Biden-Harris Administration and far-left immigration advocates,” Grassley and Jordan wrote in the letter.

“In fact, in tweeting about two of the terminations, one such advocate commented: ‘I’m immensely proud to have participated in this campaign.’”

The two congressmen claimed that the Civil Service Reform Act, which forbids discriminating against government employees for their political opinions, was broken when at least six judges appointed by former President Donald Trump were fired.

“We are concerned about the complete lack of transparency and lack of notice provided to these judges,” the National Association of Immigration Judges said in a statement.

“The Agency should but has failed to provide meaningful feedback to probationary judges throughout their probationary period so that they have an opportunity to address any Agency concerns. To the contrary, it is our understanding that the judges were given satisfactory performance evaluations.”

The DOJ’s Executive Office for Immigration Review oversees the immigration court, which has about 600 judges seated. More than 1.8 million cases are pending before the court at the moment. President Joe Biden sought financing for 100 new judges by October, following previous White Houses that increased funding and hired more judges.

Grassley and Jordan asked for emails exchanged between DOJ employees regarding the judges, termination letters, and background data on the choices to fire these particular judges. It is unclear how many judges nominated by Trump have not been sacked or if any judges appointed by presidents other than Trump have been removed from office.