Hot Take: Trump vs. Biden – Rumors Were True

All the people who carped on about “decency” should be ashamed.

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  1. The Michigan courts said that Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson misused her authority when she enacted unilateral alterations for absentee ballots. Now everyone knows that misuse of authority is just a polite way of saying that she broke the law, instead of prosecuting her. Could this be because she is a Democrat. The Michigan AG should immediately begin an investigation into this matter, and the Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. Then the AG needs to indict herself for threating judges if they took on voter fraud cases. I know that she would be uncomfortable prosecuting herself so she needs to appoint a special prosecutor.

  2. Biden is lying to the American people. He hates this country and is sworn to destroy it He has not told the illegals not to come, he is just mouthing the words and not doing anything to back it up. He is so full of it, it isn’t funny, and what he is doing is very damaging to the country. He needs to be removed as quickly possible, he needs to run for the president of China. He could open the Chinese border, and grant amnesty to the Russians that want to leave Moscow. Xi is just as racist as Biden.

  3. Democrat Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) charged former Attorney General William Barr with giving a dishonest take on election interference back in September when he said that China played the most aggressive role in term of foreign attempts to undermine American election processes. How dare this Democrat call AG Barr a liar, he was right about China interfering in the election, what he did not say was how they did it. The way they did it was what the senator does not want to be known. You see the way they did it was to buy off people in the DNC to do it for them. They even have a spy on the intelligence committee Thanks to Pelosi.

  4. If they don’t know how to fish and being from where they are from they must be total stupid. We already have stupid in the office now. We don’t need anymore of the new democrats coming over from every country in the world. Yo king bunghole where is our free cash, health and free place to stay. Oh yeah we are not in that mix. We are americans. So far………

  5. I was told my comments were not allowed because I don’t like my tax dollars used for abortion, or monies given to Planned Parenthood. All Lives Matter!
    Also, immigration is not a problem. Everyone is welcome, a time for individuals to enter the USA. Former President Trump make a deal with Mexico to have the people wait in their respective countries, until it was their turn to enter the 🇺🇸 USA. They need references, have a trade and no hand outs from our government. Teach people to fish and they don’t need hand outs!

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