Hot Take: This is why we need a 2nd amendment

The police are being converted from fighting crime to suppressing political dissent. This is the new Stasi.

You’d better be able to protect yourself.

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  1. Can you imagine a few years ago , allowing the telephone company to monitor our conversations and then deciding what people could say to each other ? If someone within the telephone company did not like what you said , they simply turn off your telephone service ? We not only would have said no but HELL NO ! And now , we communicate by social media ( like the telephone company ? ) and that is exactly what we have. People providing the means of communication that can decide what the people can say to each other as well as WHO can communicate. If they do not agree with your political views , your service is simply turned off ! You are being totally censured !!
    We no longer live in America. Our country has already become something else !

  2. The DEMO–C–RATS TAKING GUNS of WE THE PEOPLE can not happen without REPERCUSSIONS !!! THIS will damage OUR U.S.A. GREATLY !!! We must STOP the WEST COAST & NORTH EAST COAST they are FULL of HYSTERICAL DEMO–C–RATS with THEMSELVES in MIND to RULE AMERICA !!! Their GREED &HATE has wasted their MINDS & HEARTS !!! Overdue time to RID of them by VOTEING ALL of them out of any Govt. Office EVERYWHERE !!!

      Ah , my friend , we have ALREADY lost our country. America as you imagine it is GONE !
      Vote them out of office ? The Liberal Democrats are able to rig any election to gain any objective that they wish. Do you still imagine an armed rebellion ? Just look at how they are persecuting those for mere verbal protest at our Capital Building . Yes , I know that there was a limited amount of violence , instigated by the BLM and Antifa that had infiltrated the crowd. And a few of the honest citizens were duped into following them. Notice that the BLM people are not the ones being prosecuted ! It was a set up by the Liberal Democrats to make the protest appear to be something else. Hitler used a similar tactic in Germany.
      Americans are being attacked in so many ways , on so many levels that it would take hours of writing to enumerate all of it. For example , you imagine gun confiscation. But unknown to you , the banking laws have been changed to prevent the manufacture of guns to be sold to the public. As I said , so many levels !! If you do have firearms , keep them ! There may be no new ones to replace them . Most important , don’t TELL anyone that you even have any firearms ! Tell no one ! Try to acquire ammunition privately. If you purchase it retail you are telling the Liberal Democrats what firearms you have. As I have said , America is already gone. The best advice I have for you is to fade into the woodwork , keep your head down and your powder dry.
      And one more thing. A secret , shared with another person , is no longer a secret. If you should take any action , such as [email protected] 1700 yds. with smokeless powder , NEVER tell another person !

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