Hot Take: These Numbers Are CRIMINAL – This Has To End

This is absurd.

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4 Responses

  1. If you are for king biden when all hell breaks loose and the sht comes down you can accept the blame. Oh yeah democrats it is always someone else that did it. Mostly trumps fault still. How wrong is this country now. We the people are a broken people. We have learned to just take it now. Next we roll over and play dead for real

  2. One question is “Do you support the Democrats’ liberal agenda?” When I went to answer the question, the question was switched to “Do you oppose Biden’s Radical Agenda?” I tried to answer NO to the first question and YES to the second question, but the answer would not record. Is this a bait and switch much like the Democrats’ action.

    1. probably it is a bate and switch just like the election and the propaganda promises of bidens that you will never see..quite the opposite, no tranparancy, no rights for anyone who opposes the democrats and not for the american people..just their chase for power to be part of a one world organization

  3. They want us to just hear propaganda. The far left is only taking America out of our rights by the Constitution. It has to stop. But how?

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