Hot Take: The Cartels Are Taking Over

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10 Responses

  1. Biden is a weak president who does not know what is going on, we need a strong president not a puppet his administration is a joke but for now we are stuck with them all we can do is pray that God will help this country since He is really in control

    1. JB was weak when VP, and did nothing but kiss the back side of Barry…..AND he learned all of those corrupt/evil tricks that Barry did to the USA……..

  2. Has anyone in California noticed a surge at the border or is it just Texas. We all notice it here in California, guess they came up for there stimulus checks. Ok, big surprise waiting. You need to apply from your own country not just walk into the United States because you have committed a crime in your home country and are running from the law.

  3. Did anyone hear that the entire Democratic group of pollsters even at the top, quit in Nevada today. Figure that, now I’m pretty 😍 sure with the push in California that the Democratic pollsters just might give it up in California as they had illegals at there poll spots. Including the one we went to on Union Ave, San Jose, California 95124. They could barely speak English. But followed the criminal rules.I’ve called Santa Clara County many times, as to tell them about our site. They tell me to this day it’s a rumor🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Fools

  4. Hot Take: The Cartels Are Taking Over Could the border patrol take the Cartels to the capital
    building please. And then to the White House.

    1. Its time to remind the legal citizens that we have a 2nd Amendment that tells us we have the right to get rid of anyone that shows acts of terror whether they are domestic or foreign……….Seems that the DEMS/RINOs have never followed the Constitution and never will…………

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