Hot Take: Soldiers MARCH To Top Republican’s Office – This Is Shocking

They’re intimidating a sitting congresswoman with our military.

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  1. Interesting but I would not call them marching, looks more like they are walking down the hall to her office, but they should not be in uniform

  2. When I was in the Marine Corps we were instructed that we could not participate in political actions while in uniform and also had to be careful of what we did say. Have times and mores changed that much?

  3. What the he11 do the dems, libs, think they will accomplish by being bullies and dictators! Remember
    “unintended consequences” will come back to bite the idiots that promote such stupidity.

  4. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s On January 21 2021 filled impeachment against Joe Biden for his involvement with China and Hunter Biden.

  5. I guess I am lots at what these nuts are doing. It is not good when the military start acting like China. They are suppose to be for the people since we are ones that pay them to do a job and not bullie people.

  6. intimidation practice! this is going too far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Biden and his pushers are asking for civil war – dust off your weapons!

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