Hot Take: Ron DeSantis Is In Trouble For Saving Lives

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  1. I believe that the Main Stream Media is trying to destroy the Conservatives along with the Democrat`s.What have we done to them to hate us so much I really don`t understand them! I just want someone to tell me WHY all the HATE?? I don`t use a web site I watch conservative TV stations.

  2. More state governors need to follow Governor DeSantis in not cowtowing to the terrible ideas of our federal government, all which are behind the president, who is out to destroy all of Trumps great thoughts.

  3. It is no wonder the real American citizens no longer trust the fake news! I have never experienced such mean hateful and demeaning liberal democrats and their cohorts the fake news agency’s. The United States congress is so disguising anymore, I rate them a 1 out of 10. One being the lowest. Work for the working, non criminal American Citizen for a change. Not illegal immigrants, who all broke ours laws!!!!!!!

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