Hot Take: End The Occupation NOW

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  1. They should FEAR the national guard think about it 25000 trained equipped
    soldiers what if they turn on you biden,harris,pelosi you want a military coup?are you sure? You might be the one’s in the cross hair’s that would be one way to get you out of the office you don’t deserve to be in if only there were enough patriotic guards there to do the RIGHT THING

  2. This is Pelosi’s plan: To keep us all locked down and keep military on call so that nobody can go before Congress and complain about this military takeover of the Capitol. SHE is the one that refused the National Guard before the Jan. 6 event. Trump has been found not guilty of inciting to riot. But Pelosi has always hated him with a vengeance. She has no regard for the National Guard that’s sleeping on the floor of a garage with one bathroom per 5,000 people; she did that despite Trump’s offer to let them stay the the Trump Towers. (He also offered the National Guard for Jan. 6 and SHE REFUSED! She knew what was going to happen, along with a select few. They are ALL part of takeover of our government!) SEND THE NATIONAL GUARD HOME!

  3. Send the national guard home. Senators and congress please start saying No to all the woke communism agenda of the left. No to kids showing their work in math. No to Shakespeare in high school. We all have to step up and say no more. Antifa is still rioting and burning. Critical Race Theory is being embraced by all states except New Hampshire which has a law pending against it. Draw a line in the sand and Stop the Craziness.

  4. Send the troops home……………If Jan 6 had really been what they want to call it, then they wouldn’t be here any longer………there were hundreds of thousands of people there…….if they had wanted to overrun the wh they would have… could not stop that many people before back up could get there……….and where were their arms?……..what were they going to do? them to death?………pelosi organized this whole thing and blindsided Trump with it…………..she thought that would be the end of him……….impeach biden, harris (a vp does not need to be doing the things she is doing), get rid of pelosi, waters, rinos, etc…………clean house, get America back on track……………….

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