Hot Take: CNN Stars Disgrace Themselves

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5 Responses

  1. CNN, and MSNBC are the most disgusting and disgraceful networks that have EVER EXISTED!! That is only part of the reason I will NEVER watch them!! I see clips of their reporting on other networks and it is unbelievable what they can and do get away with! ABC, NBC, CBS, are very close behind! No wonder this country has become so screwed up!! Other countries are laughing their a##e## off at us!!

  2. AFTER this long they are still trying to convince American’s that it was NON-VIOLENT ? We are NOT stupid people ! The destruction, violence, killing, beatings, theft, chaos, looting, & throwing objects, sure WAS NOT A WALK IN THE PARK ! GET REAL !

  3. CNN and its “stars” are a disgrace. They have been since Ted Turner sold the company and undoubtedly will remain so far into the future.

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