Hot Take: Biden’s Shame Is Being Hidden – But How Long?

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3 Responses

  1. A man is what he thinks and speaks what is in his heart…. Biden and his Neanderthal words is because he thinks and is one…, so he thinks everyone else is one too!!!! What’s happening in the border is another form of genocide … seperating children from parents, people getting infected with China Virus and who knows what is in store for them….. this is all a second act of the Ringmaster of Neanderthals ….the Drmonicrats……

  2. What military leaders, he has replaced them all with one star partisan comedians. He thinks that he can laugh the enemy to death, with Democrat jokes???

    All I can say is if Biden does not like the way a Neanderthal thinks, then he should quit hiring them. Case in point Jen Psaki, if she circles back any more I will be getting dizzy.
    Oh! is that Jen Psaki or Gin Psaki? It gets confusing coming from a Neanderthal white caveman spouting off from his cave.

  3. Because the so-called “Mainstream Media” (RAGS and JUNK!) are nothing more than stooges and flunkies for the “DirtocRAT” Party, THAT’S WHY!!! And we ALL knew that answer to THAT question even before it was asked!!!

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