Hostage situation in Los Angeles ends with fatal shooting of assailant

A truly dramatic scene unfolded in downtown Los Angeles on Friday when a man went on a shooting rampage along city streets, took a hostage, and was fatally shot by responding law enforcement officers in an encounter captured on camera, as the New York Post reports.

The trouble reportedly began late in the afternoon when a man attempted to shoot another man at extremely close range as he stood on a sidewalk, but did not succeed due a weapon malfunction.

Then, the frustrated assailant entered a local business, fired shots at a family inside, and struck a young teenage boy in the head, sending him to the hospital, where he is currently recovering, as reported by Los Angeles Police Department sources.

Next stop for the unhinged man was a woman’s vehicle, at which he attempted to commit a carjacking, subsequently entering into a physical altercation with a cyclist.

The drama escalated even further, however, when police chased the man into a residential structure at 6th Street and South Main, and surveillance video captured inside the building revealed the man occupying a corridor, holding a gun, and forcibly compelling a woman to accompany him, as ABC 7 in Los Angles noted.

“At that point, we knew we had a hostage situation,” explained a tweet from the Los Angles Police Department, which added, “While LAPD personnel were outside of the complex, they saw through a window, the suspect holding a gun to the hostage’s head.”

Explaining the sequence that led to the conclusion of the crime spree, the police department’s tweet declared, “Based on the already incredibly violent actions & fearing the suspect was going to kill the hostage, SWAT entered the apartment,” a series of events that was shockingly caught on video. WATCH:

According to the Daily Mail, the entire horrifying scenario occurred just a few blocks from a different hostage situation that took place two days prior, a fact which underscores the frequency with which America’s law enforcement officers confront mortal danger and put their own lives on the line in fulfillment of their pledge to serve and protect.