Hillary lawyer charged in Durham Russia collusion origins probe

Though there has been considerable frustration among conservatives about the perceived lack of action coming out of John Durham’s probe of the Trump-Russia collusion investigation, it was announced on Thursday that Hillary Clinton-linked lawyer Michael Sussmann was indicted on a charge of lying to the FBI, as The Hill reports.

Sussmann, then an attorney with the Democrat Party-connected Perkins Coie law firm, is accused of making material misrepresentations about whether he was representing a specific client when he approached the FBI with information he believed established a link between the Trump Organization and Alfa Bank of Russia.

According to the New York Post, indictment documents in the case allege that when Sussmann went to the FBI with his supposed evidence, he said he was not doing so on behalf of a client, but was merely acting as a sort of “good citizen,” but the fact of the matter was that he was actually legally representing Hillary Clinton’s then-presidential campaign and a tech executive who was not immediately named.

Not surprisingly, mainstream outlets ran wild with the notion that then-candidate Donald Trump may have had nefarious links to a bank with close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, despite the fact that the purportedly damning digital tracks were actually nothing more than junk e-mail of a sales nature.

As the Associated Press also noted, operatives working on behalf of the Clinton campaign took it upon themselves to approach officials inside the Obama Justice Department to push the Trump-Russia collusion narrative even further in order to broaden the investigation into their candidate’s political rival.

Documents filed with the indictment contend that “Sussmann’s false statement misled the FBI General Counsel and other FBI personnel concerning the political nature of his work and deprived the FBI of information that might have permitted it more fully to assess and uncover the origins of the relevant data and technical analysis, including the identities and motivations of Sussmann’s clients.”

Sussmann’s attorneys were predictably defiant in their response to the charge against their client, saying, Michael Sussmann was indicted today because of politics, not facts. The Special Counsel appears to be using this indictment to advance a theory he has chosen not to actually charge.”

The lawyers continued, adding, “This case represents the opposite of everything the Department of Justice Department is supposed to stand for. Mr. Sussmann will fight this baseless and politically-inspired prosecution.

According to Fox News, Sussmann pleaded not guilty to the charge facing him on Friday, with Magistrate Judge Zia Faruqui releasing him on his own recognizance. Sussmann faces up to five years in prison if he is convicted in the case.