Hillary Clinton-tied law firm subpoenaed in John Durham’s Russiagate probe

Though many conservatives have expressed frustration over the seemingly slow pace of progress in special prosecutor John Durham’s Russiagate probe, news that subpoenas have been issued to Democrat Party-linked law firm Perkins Coie has yielded new hope that Hillary Clinton’s role in the disgraceful saga may finally be revealed, as Fox News reports.

The information requests, issued earlier in September, came after Michael Sussmann, a former Perkins Coie attorney who did work for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, was indicted on a charge of making false statements to the FBI when he offered information purportedly linking then-candidate Donald Trump to a Kremlin-connected bank in Russia.

Legal observers who have been watching developments closely now believe that the Sussmann indictment taken together with the subpoenas to Perkins Coie is a strong indication that the Durham probe may be honing in on Hillary Clinton and/or officials directly involved with her failed presidential bid.

As Andrew McCarthy notes at National Review, once the Sussmann indictment came down, he was able to formulate a relatively clear picture of where things stand with Durham’s investigation, saying, “Here is where the prosecutor appears to be going: The Trump-Russia collusion narrative was essentially a fabrication of the Clinton campaign that was peddled to the FBI and to the media by agents of the Clinton campaign – particularly its lawyers at Perkins Coie… .”

Those attorneys, McCarthy continued, “concealed the fact that they were quite intentionally working on the campaign’s behalf, and that they did not actually believe there was much, if anything, to the collusion narrative. It was serviceable as political dirt but would not amount to anything real for criminal or national-security purposes.”

McCarthy emphasized that Durham’s new round of grand jury subpoenas may well be a signal that the special prosecutor is exploring the possibility of filing more charges against Sussmann and potentially against other parties as well.

Former Trump administration Kash Patel is also among those who suspect that the Durham probe has expanded and may produce additional indictments in the near future, and he explained his thoughts on the matter during a recent installment of his Kash’s Corner program on Epoch Times TV.

According to Patel, the length and detail of the Sussmann indictment is itself evidence of a much broader objective, with the Trump ally positing, “When you issue an indictment for lying to the FBI…it’s two to five pages, max. It’s unheard of to be 27 pages, so why put all that information out there?”

The host asserted that the unusual exposition of specificity in the Sussmann indictment is “the biggest signal that more is coming” and offered exasperated Americans a sense of hope that real accountability may finally be obtained from those responsible for the hoax that consumed so much of former President Trump’s term in office – perhaps even including Mrs. Clinton herself.