Hillary Clinton spotted at hospital where Bill Clinton was admitted for an infection

Former President Bill Clinton generated headlines last week when it was suddenly announced that he had been admitted to UC Irvine Medical Center for an undisclosed “infection,” though it was noted in early reports that the situation wasn’t related to COVID-19.

According to Fox News, numerous reporters stationed outside of the hospital on Saturday, after it was revealed that the former president suffered a urological sepsis infection, spotted none other than former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and her daughter, Chelsea Clinton.

Fox reported that the two women entered the hospital surrounded by their entourage.

On Friday evening, it was revealed that Bill Clinton was still recovering at the hospital due to the infection, with one of his spokespeople revealing the news on Twitter, writing “President Clinton is continuing to receive treatment for an infection at UC Irvine Medical Center.”

The spokesperson added: “All health indicators are trending in the right direction, including his white blood count, which has decreased significantly. In order to receive further IV antibiotics, he will remain in the hospital overnight.”

President Joe Biden reportedly called to check in on the former president to see how he was feeling, revealing to reporters in Connecticut that he made the call.

“Well, I wanted to see how he was doing, and because I’ve been trying to get a hold of him, and he’s doing fine, he really is,” Biden said. “And he’s going to be released from the hospital, and we talked about, which we were going to do before, getting together.”

In an updated Fox News report, it was revealed on Sunday that Clinton had been released from the hospital. Video footage was uploaded to Twitter showing Bill and Hillary Clinton exiting the facility and thanking staffers on the way out.