Hillary Clinton getting involved in fundraising for Senate candidates

Hillary Clinton is making headlines again as she seems to be putting her toe back into the political waters. This time it’s with a fundraiser for Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Tim Ryan.

According to Cleveland.com newsletter, the former first lady will be hosting the fundraiser with Ryan later this month, and the funds raised are likely to be hefty.

Seth Richardson explains it costs up to $20,800 to attend the event – even though it’s being held virtually, not in person which is an idea that has brought some ridicule from Republicans.

Why is Hillary back in the thick of it? According to former senior adviser to the Clinton’s Mark Penn, judging from the poll numbers, despite fact that the Democrat Party wants someone “new” to run for president in 2024, there are rumors going around about Hillary in 2024.

During an interview on “Mornings with Maria” the former senior adviser to the Clinton campaign, the DNC might not be able to handle the former First Lady for yet another presidential primary. 

“I did not sense in this poll ‘bring back Hillary.’ She used to start out in these races 30, 40, 45, 50 when the country really wanted Hillary,” Penn said of Hillary’s weak polling numbers.

“This sounds to me, the country really wants to go forward, you know, not back. They’re not giving any votes to Kamala Harris, either. They don’t really like Joe Biden for a second term. So I think the Democratic Party is in chaos. And in contrast, the Republican Party is ready to consolidate around former President Trump.”

However, according to The New York Post, Hillary and Trump have more in common than what they are likely to want to admit, with both believing that they had an election stolen from them and both appear to be eyeing another chance at vindication. 

Time alone will tell who we will see against each other in the general election in two years, but there is little doubt that the contention between Hillary and Trump will be diminishing in the next couple of election cycles.